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I sat on the bench as cam sat between my legs . school was finally out so me , cam , Jamie and Dakota decided to come to the basketball court .

Shit I'm tired cam said laying his head in my lap

You ready to go I asked

Nah you hungry he asked

No I'm okay I said smiling

I'll see you later pooh Jamie sniffed hugging me

What's wrong I frowned

Excuse me Cameron she said grabbing my arm

He nodded grabbing his basketball

She pulled me over to a bench sniffing

Dakota had Hickeys all over his neck and they weren't from me . he left yesterday and Dave said he heard him talking to his suppose to be baby momma she sniffed

Awe don't cry baby I said wrapping my arms around her

I'll be over your house tonight I need to rest she said

Call me okay I said

She nodded as Naomi car pulled up

I tuned around bumping Into someone.

Ouch I groaned

My bad ma Dorian said pulling me up

I snatched away from him hitting his chest

You so abusive he said

I shook my head sitting on the picnic table.

Where yo mans at he said sitting next to me

He not my boyfriend I mumbled

He looked at me smiling.

You Be playing he said grabbing my thigh.

How I said

You know I like you he said

Really -

Let's go cam said grabbing my arm

Can chill out I wined

Bye dori imma call you I said

Ight he smirked

No she won't he mugged pulling me towards his Car

I mugged him as i got in slamming the door .

I should beat yo ass man he said pulling off

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