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Madison up top


So I took mika and Madison out to the mall and then we went to go get something to eat once my brother came and got her me and mika cleaned her room and washed all her dirty clothes

While I was washing I found a pair of pants on the ground that belong to chase

Me being my nosey self I checked the pockets and found some hoe number on a piece of paper

I threw the pants in the washer and slammed it shut

I marched upstairs and went to his office and opened the door

What is this I said throwing the piece of paper on his desk

Let me explain he signed

What I said tabbing my foot

This girl tried to talk to me McDonald's and she gave me her number but I never used it he said truthfully

I sighed as I walked out and went to the guest room and laid on the bed

Mommy okay mika said

I'm okay baby I sniffed wiping my face

Why you crying mommy she frowned wiping my face with her small hand

Let's go cook I smiled

She grabbed my hand trying her hardest to pull me up

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