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A/n : 60 will be the last chapter I decided to just do one book to this sorry guys but I'll try my best to make them long I do not proof read none of the chapters so please excuse any mistakes or errors.  I'm skipping 5 months ahead which means Jamie will be 9 months and Malory will be 8 .

**4 months later**


I sat on my bed eating some Skittles. I still can't believe Dorian dead cam claim he didn't have nothing to do with it but I'm not so sure about it. He did jump him and set his house on fire. .

I haven't been going to school . I take online classes Everytime I walk in that school it bring back memories of Dorian. Everybody else back at school.

I smiled once jamie wobbled in sitting on my bed trying to catch her breath

Those are alot of steps she said I shook my head rubbing my hand over  her stomach. 

Are you excited I asked

Mhm very she smiled rubbing her stomach

I smiled checking my Instagram seeing ash throwing shade again this girl really needs to get a life.

It's going to be okay she said

I know I miss him so much did you go to his funeral I sniffed.

No but I heard he had a closed casket she said

Let's go to the park or something I sighed

Okay get dress she said laying on my bed I shook my head smiling. I too a shower putting on my outfit for today

Instead of wearing my red shoes i put on my all black Huaraches

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Instead of wearing my red shoes i put on my all black Huaraches. And I decided to leave my purse at home.

Bout time she mumbled getting up

I shook my head smiling  we walked out heading downstairs. I told my mom I was leaving then we walked down the street as we locked arms .

We had to stop a few times because Jamie needed to stop and rest.

Look she gasped

What I said frowning my face up

I just......never mind she mumbled as we finally arrived at the park.

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