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I woke up around 9:30 luckily Dorian was still in sleep. I slowly got out of bed putting the pillow next to him .

I went downstairs taking out the stuff I was going to need. I made him some eggs, hash browns , bacon , cimmon buns, sausage , pancakes ,grits, waffles and cut up strawberries with whip cream and then I made hot chocolate.

I grabbed the plate and cup going upstairs. I sat it on the little table climbing on top of him. He smiled slowly opening his eyes rubbing my stomach I got up grabbing the plate.

I made you breakfast I smiled yawning

Did you eat he asked

No but I'm okay ... you eat frist I said

Harely you need to eat too he said

I know but you eat frist I said smiling

He nodded eating his food. I turned on ESPN going to his shower once I ran the shower getting in. Once I got out he got in as I went in the room drying off.

I got dressed then did my hair in two messy buns I brushed my teeth I smiled as he walked in the bathroom fully dressed I brushed my teeth as he did the same. We made the bed then walked out. I got in the car smiling.

While he was driving I kissed on his neck leaving hickeys. He turned his head kissing me. I smiled pulling away

He wanted to stop at the tattoo parlor I wanted one but he thought I was too young and he didn't want to hurt the baby so I didn't get one. We finally left and he pulled up to my favorite spot.

I got out as we sat by the pond. I wrapped my arms around him smiling.

I love you I said

I love you too he said smiling

We stayed for a little while then went to his brother house. I heard them talking about Dorian birthday. I gasped as they walked back in the living room as some thick light skin chick walked in. She was cute but she had to many tattoos and piercings.

Who are you the girl said

Harely I said rubbing my stomach

How many months are you she said

4 I said smiling

How old are you she asked

14 I smiled

Do you know how old Dorian is she said

Uh duh he's 17 turning 18 I said

She mumbled something under her breath rolling her eyes . I flicked her off as this pretty dark skin girl walked in the house talking on the phone. I smiled as she sat across from me.

Okay bye she smiled hanging up

Hello she smiled

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