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So I talked to cam and he said he was high when he sent that message. I don't even care anymore. I still Haven't talked to Dorian . he came to school with a broken leg. I wanted to help him but I was too.scared to talk to him .

After school Jamie went back home because she wasn't feeling good and she didn't. Want to get me sick. I was sitting on my porch when Dorian car pulled up. I smiled as I ran up to his car getting in. He smiled turning down his music. He had on some grey sweat pants and no shirt I bit my lip smiling.

Wassup nugget he said calling me by my nickname

Hey Dorian I smiled

You trying to dip he asked

Yeah I'm pretty sure my mom won't mind I said pulling out my phone

I told her I was leaving with Dorian she said okay I showed him my phone as he pulled off. I let my seat down as he turned the music back up. I played with the string to my grey sweats as he looked at me. I Was wearing a black crop top and my grey Nike sweats .

Ya mans won't mind you chilling with me he said

He's not my boyfriend anymore I said grabbing his phone off the arm rest

Oh ight he said said

Why you change yo password I asked

Because my cousin found it out and installed hella games he said

Can you unlock it I asked

He put his thumb against the button . giving it to me . I got on snap chat taking pictures of me and him.

You Hungry he asked as the car stopped

Yeah I nodded

Come on he said grabbing his black shirt from the back

I looked up seeing we was at the cheese cake factory. I squealed getting out. I helped him with his crutches as we went inside. I rolled my eyes seeing cam with his brother and a few niggas

I see you trying to match me he said sliding in the booth

Nah you trying to  match me I said

He shook his head as the lady took order for our drinks giving us menu's

How did you break your leg I asked

Car crash he said

Oh my God are you okay I said

Yeah I'm good ma he said

Why didn't you tell me I pouted

Because I  know how you is ma and plus I don't need you stressing over me he said

You should of told me I mumbled

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