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I fixed Grayson jacket as he chewed on his fingers. We sat in the nail shop waiting on Kayla to get her nails done. I know I told Jamie I wouldn't have Grayson around her but I didn't have nobody to watch him.

I huffed throwing my head back.

Once she was done we left going back to my house

I smiled a little seeing Jamie Had texted me

J😘: can you bring me food please 😋

Me: I'll take you too get some when I come get you

J😘: where my baby at

Me: right here watching cartoons

J😘:awe my little dooda butt

Me: here you go with them nick names

J😘: oh shut up where yo lil girlfriend at

Me: right here 🙄

J😘: I'm okay with her being around him because I trust you won't let nothing happened to him but if she touch my baby Im go knock her big ass head off her shoulders

Me: coo and like yo head small 😥

J😘: leave my head alone dude I gotta go we about to let out in an hour

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