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I kissed mika cheek before she walked in her school I stopped at McDonald's and got a breakfast platter then I went home.

Baby I'm back I yelled

Okay he yelled back

I finished the food I had left going upstairs to our room closing the door.

My feet hurt so bad I pouted

Let me rub them for you he smiled

Okay I said as he sat in front of me grabbing one of my legs

I can't wait to have this baby I huffed

I know right I'm so ready to meet my baby girl he smiled

I just hope mika  don't fell left out I said

I promise she won't she wanted been asking for a baby sister or brother for the longest he said

I smiled as he climbed between my legs kissing on my stomach as she went crazy

Hi daddy baby he smiled showing his grill

I can't wait to see you so hurry up and come on of mommy he laughed .

Babe stop before she really come out I said pushing his head

He smiled as he laid next to me kissing my lips

I love you he said

I love you to I said rubbing his cheek with my thumb .

Im serious baby you helped me with mika and you having my second child  I don't known where I would be if I didn't talk to you at that party I was really stressing out with mika and going to the trap . once y'all met she wouldn't stop talking about you and how she liked you better than her old mommy . her momma walked out her life for  some drugs and you were there for her and I really  appreciate that ma he smiled

Awe baby I love you to  and mika my baby and I'll never leave her or you once we started talking I couldn't stop thinking about you . every time I heard your name I would smile and get mad once I heard a hoe say they was with you . I was ready to cut that bitch you mines and mines only if a bitch even look at you they getting smacked I said

I swear I love yo crazy ass he laughed

Mhm I bet you do I said

Let's take a nap before mika bad ass get home he said

Don't talk about my baby I said hitting him

Aye don't be putting yo small ass hands on me girl he smirked

My hands ain't small I said mugging him

He grabbed my neck kissing me as he let me go

I smiled as I barried my face in his

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