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Tristan momma cook out today 🌈


Ahh Maci laughed as I washed her body

I shook my head rinsing her off .

Once she got done I wrapped the towel aroun d her helping her put her underwear on then I put baby lotion on slipping on her olive green pants with her White button up polo shirt .

I brushed her hair in two messy buns adding her Dora the explorer watch .

Mya you ready I cooded kissing her cheeks

She grabbed my face laughing

You look just like yo daddy I said

She smiled looking around

I grabbed her snow suit and Maci coat sitting it by the front door .

I see granny Maci sung dancing around the room .

I shook my head slipping on my laced panties and my matching bra . I put my bath and body works lotion on and a little bit of coconut oil . Then I finally got dressed doing my hair

I put on something simple I didn't feel like wearing my hair in two buns so I sat at my vanity mirror and flat ironed my hair. Adding a lil make up.

I you smiled touching the necklace Tristan bought me a long time ago even though we not together anymore I still wear it every where I go .

Time to go I smiled strapping Mya in her car seat .

She started crying kicking her legs

Cut it out I said sternly

She stopped crying mugging me .

Act just like yo Dam daddy I mumbled rolling my eyes

Look sissy I put it on all by myself she said slipping on her hat .

Oo big girl I smiled giving her a high five.

She giggled grabbing my book bag for me

I grabbed her car seat and the diaper bag . Once they got in I ran back in the house and grabbed the food .

I made all kinds of chicken , two kinds of alfredo pie ( omg it's sooo good ) and chicken salad mama wanted me to make Rotel dip so I made that too .

I put it in the trunk getting in. I turned on the raido heading towards Walmart. I gotta get the chips and plus I been craving some of there salad.

Once we made it to mama house I got the kids out and knocked on her door .

Who is it she asked

Naomi I yelled

She opened the door smiling

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