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1 month later


Nothing really changed but Zyair turned 1 month last week and Naomi thought it would be fun to go take pictures and change his room a little bit

Her ugly ass dad beat her again she was in the hospital and just got out a few days ago .

She finally graduated with a 4.0 me and the gang was there then we went to laser tag after and we let her crybaby ass win then we went to the movies and the cheese cake factory

Jade was there put her and Naomi sat at a different table so there wouldn't be any problems with her and chase since they not talking anymore but he wrong for even putting mika in it she ain't got no mother figure since her momma started doing drugs.

But she been sleeping with me lately because she keep having these weird dreams about her ugly ass father.

Zyair was with my mom so it was just me and Naomi watching Netflix and eating hot wings and pizza.

You good I asked

Mhm she said laying back on my lap

I played in her hair that she recently flat ironed.

I looked down at her and she was knocked out I guess she tired herself out from everything we did today

I picked her up and carried her small frame up the steps and Laid her in her room putting a pillow next to her

I went to my room taking a shower then I put on my boxers and socks and went to check on Naomi then I laid down and went to sleep

Once Naomi told me her mom name I had my boys find what grave sight she at so I can take Naomi tomorrow​

I heard my door open and my eyes slowly opened and she laid on my chest and I can tell she was crying

You had a nother dream I said wiping her tears away

Yes she mumbled

Its okay I said wrapping my arms tight around her

I played in her hair and she stopped crying as her eyes closed I learned that

Rubbing her head or playing with her hair it clams her down or help her go to sleep.


I finally graduated I had fun with Tristan and the boys my dad beat me again and I had to go to the hospital and Tristan was right there by my side

I have a little feelings for him he's so sweet and helps me through my problems and he's always there when I need a shoulder to cry on.

I met this girl name jade she's cool at first I thought she was white but then she told me she's mixed with black, white and Asian which explains her skin color and how soft her hair is

I love the necklace Tristan bought me its so cute he didn't have to spend so much on me I guess I'm not use to people buying me nice things like he always do but I'm still grateful


Me and jade still not talking mika won't eat or talk to me every since my argument with jade

She been to the hospital three times because she won't eat and its making her sick

Once I got home she sat on the couch and I gave her the McDonald's bag and she ate one frie and sat the bag next to her

Eat before I beat yo ass I yelled

She took the fries out and stuffed them in her mouth mugging me

Want jade she pouted

Not if you don't eat I said texting people back on my phone.

She finally finished her food and I gave her the cup and she drunk some of the juice then she sat it down

I grabbed her arm and we went outside and I strapped her in and got in pulling off

Your only go be over Here for a couple hours when I get back you go listen and do what I say I said

Okay daddy she smiled

I shook my head as I watched how her mood changed maybe I shouldn't put her in the middle of our stupid argument its been stressful dealing with her not eating going to the hospital and be at the trap

Plus she need a mother figure in her life since her mother stepped out on her for some drugs.

I pulled up in front of her house and got out

I helped mika out and she ran towards the door jumping up and down

I knocked on the door and she finally answered with some leggings and a sports bra on

JADE she screamed jumping on her

Baby she smiled hugging her

I miss you so much she said

I miss you more jade said kissing her cheek

Have her ready by four I said

She nodded her head as I walked to my car getting in pulling off going to the trap house


Everything been good but I haven't seen my baby in a month Because of chase ass

By brother got a baby on the way I'm so happy for him and his new girlfriend.

I made a new friend name Naomi she's so pretty and tiny just like me

And her eyes are so cute I really think Tristan should cuff her so they can get married and have like 20 kids then I can spoil them

I was so happy once I seen mika I wanted to cry but we had fun we made cookies and watched movies pranked call people and had a water fight and did each other hair now she sleep on the couch

I laid next to her and tried to wait for chase but I was so sleepy so we went upstairs and I washed her up then laid her in bed then I cleaned up and took a hot shower then I finally went to sleep

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