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2 months later.


I wiped my stomach off taking the papers from the doctors. Now that I'm 2 months I'm starting to show a little more. I still get morning sickness and eat way more than I use to..

My face is getting super fat and I hate it.

Once we left we went to the grocery store and I started getting stuff for dinner .

Well look who it is I heard a familiar voice say

I turned around to see adurey and my grandma with Shawn

Yup I smirked

Still with that grown man I see she said

Yup I said again

That's not cute Ava adurey said turning her nose up at me

Oh it's not cute that you cheated on my brother with the same dude who abandoned you and your child I gasped

And it's not cute that your 16 and pregnant by a 22 year old she giggled

Don't get me started you don't even take care of shawn siah do so don't go there I said

She rolled her eyes Letting shawn down

Baby you good rah said hugging me from behind

I'm good let's finish shopping I mumbled...

He pushed the cart as I stood next to him smiling


I smiled as rah put a sleeping Milly in the car.

I grabbed his phone as he snatched it out my hand

He tucked it in his pocket pulling up.

I ignored it grabbing my phone getting on Instagram.

Once we got home I fed Milly then helped her with her homework.

I get game she smiled

Yeah I smiled grabbing her I pad

I got her a nail game , and a couple learning games.

Tanks she smiled

You welcome I smiled

I watched as rah came downstairs sitting next to Milly

Look bruh bruh she smiled

He nodded all up in his phone.

You want some chips Milly I asked

Yes she nodded

I stood up grabbing her hand.

I went in the cabinet grabbing her cheese puffs and gave her a juice.

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