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I fixed my grey  crop top looking in the mirror

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I fixed my grey  crop top looking in the mirror . I put on my shades running my fingers through my hair I just flat ironed

Today Devan was taking me and Ariel out to breakfast then we're going shopping.

Hurrie mommy she squealed

Okay baby let mommy do your hair I said

No mommy she wined

Okay guess you don't want to see Dev I said

I do mommy she said

Okay let me do your hair then I said

She sat between my legs as I grabbed the brush doing her hair in two pony tails .

I washed her face as I got her dressed in her White shorts and her black polo shirt with her Jordan 12's and a head band .

I took a few pictures on Snapchat then we went downstairs and kiaden was watching TV eating some cereal .

You look pretty Tete he smiled

Thank you baby I said

He nodded his head as he turned his head back to the TV .


I smiled as Dev got out the car pulling me into a hug

Wassup you look cute he smiled

Thank you I blushed

Wassup princess he said looking at Ariel

Dev she squealed

He picked her up as she wrapped her arms around him

Miss you she sniffed

I miss you too he said kissing her cheek

We finally got in the car and he pulled off I looked over at him smiling . he looked at me as he grabbed my hand kissing it

I miss you lil bit he smiled

I missed you to I said truthfully

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