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I watched as the cab driver stopped in front of  Dylan house . I shook my head as Harper tried to get out but I stopped her .

I got out grabbing her wheelchair I got her out pushing her on the porch Knocking on the door it took him a minute to answer but he finally answered and it looked like he been crying.  He still sexy as hell tho.

Dylan Harper squealed

He smiled carefully picking her up out her chair hugging  her.

I miss you so much he said smiling

I miss you too she sniffed

He looked at me smiling a little

You wanna come in for a minute he said

No we gotta go I said looking away

Um okay I'll see you later nugget he said sitting her down

No she cried reaching for him

Harper Jason said running up to her

Jason she squealed

Me miss you alot he said grabbing her hand

Yeah me too she said

Aria he said hugging my legs

Hey baby I smiled

You  wanna see my toys he said

Sure I smiled

I was about to push Harper in the house but Dylan grabbed her smiling at me

I closed the door looking around the house seeing how clean it was and it smelled like my favorite food , nachos !

I watched as Jason showed me all the new toys he got and some toys he picked out for Harper he even got me a gift I kinda felt bad we didn't get him nothing but he said he was happy we came and that gift was good enough .

I hope y'all hungry he said

You cooked I asked

Uh yeah I actually made your favorite he said

I'll eat then I said

He bought out our plates as we all said grace . I bit into my taco moaning

You good he said

Mhm I blushed

He looked away putting his head down

After everyone got done I helped him wash the dishes then I got some juice .

We stayed for a while longer then we went back to the hotel .

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