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2 months later


So I'm 5 months pregnant and I'm having a baby boy. I decided his name  is going to be Grayson Lamont Paterson. Naomi last name and Dakota middle name. At frist I was upset about being pregnant but now I'm not . I can't wait to meet my son.

I haven't really been talking to harely . She claim I like Dakota more than her .

Which isn't true but you know freinds come and go. All I been doing is going to school. Coming home  and sleep.

School  was finally over and I was tired and hungry. I took off my shoes once I got in Naomi car. I let my seat back

How you feeling she smiled rubbing my stomach

I'm tired my feet hurt and I'm hungry I wined

You wanna go to five guys she asked

Yeah who all coming I asked

Just me you the kids , momma and tristan she said

Can I change frist I said

Yeah we leaving at five anyways she said

Tristan got the kids I asked

Yeah he claim I baby them to much and he don't spend enough time with them she huffed

That dude got some problems  I said texting Dakota back

You talk to harely she asked

No we not cool no more I huffed

Oh okay she said

Why she call you I asked

No her mom did....harely tried to commit suicide she said

What I said frowning

Her mom found her in the bathroom trying to hang her self she said

Is she okay I asked

Yeah she just got out the hospital today her mom don't want her having company for a while she said

I understand I mumbled rubbing my stomach

I grabbed my shoes letting the seat back up. I got out  the car holding my stomach . I slowly walked up the steps unlocking the door with my spare key.

I put the code in sitting my shoes by the door . I wobbled to the kitchen looking for my juice. I knew it was in here before I left this morning. I grabbed my brisk pink lemonade .

I went upstairs sitting on my bed I put my juice on the dresser I slowly got up going to my closket . I pulled out my maroon ripped jeans with my matching Nike shirt. I grabbed my maroon Jordans sitting it on the little chair that sat by my dresser.

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