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We all sat in the waiting room . To see about Naomi we went over there this morning and her door was open . She had bruises every where and a mark around her neck . Where the hell was Tristan ass.

Daddy is Tete go be okay Mika frowned

Yes baby girl I sighed

I want mommy daddy your to mean Zyair cried

He shook his head as he got up and left.

*2 hours later*

Family of Naomi Patterson the doctor said

That's us I said standing up

Well it seems like she was rapped and got beat up pretty badly. But the baby is fine she's sleeping right now so be very gentle when yall touch her he nodded

What room is she in I asked

Room 204 he said

Thank you sir I said

No problem have a good day he said walking away

Tristan finally came back in following us to the room .

When we walked in she was laying in bed with a bandage around her head and she had all types of cords and wires on her

Oh my gosh Jade sniffed as she carefully rubbed over her stomach

Mommy Zyair cried running up to her bed

Let mommy sleep okay I said

I want nana he sniffed hugging Tristan legs

It's go be alright man he said picking him up

Please wake up Naomi you can't leave us like this she cried


I ran my fingers through Jade hair as she slept. She didn't want to leave Naomi yet

Tristan took Mika , tj and Zyair over his momma house then he went home to get her some pajamas and her phone .

Wake mamas I said shaking her a little

Hm she said

Come on we gotta go I said

She sat up rubbing her eyes as she went to the bathroom . I walked over to Naomi looking down at her small frame. I pulled her cover over her stomach then fixed her pillow as Jade wrapped her arms around me looking at her .

You ready I asked

Yeah she sighed

I grabbed her hand as we walked out . I told the nurse I was leaving and she said okay we walked to the car as I helped her get in . I pulled off going to Sonic .

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