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Man I'm so happy we out this hospital we on our way back home now Zyair and Naomi sleep

I stopped and got some gas and some snacks for us to eat on way I got Naomi

Some dunkin donuts and zay some French toast

I got back in the car and pulled off as I sat the bags on the seat and pulled off getting on the highway


I pulled in the drive way getting out I helped Naomi out and grabbed zyair as we walked in the house

I laid Zyair in his bed me and Naomi took a shower now we laying down watching TV

You okay she asked

Yeah I'm good you straight I asked

Mhm she smiled

She been doing that lately waking up in the middle of the night asking me am I okay then she go check on zyair

I kissed her lips as she laid her head on my chest

I closed my eyes and went to sleep


Were finally back home I get worried about Tristan I just don't want anything else to happen to him

And my baby Zyair I'll go crazy if something happen to him

I still can't believe he asked me to be his girlfriend but I said yes he's so sweet and he saved me from my dad

I still miss my momma tho i wish she was still here so she can meet zay and Tristan

But I know she in a better place and I know she very proud of me .


Ugh!  I'm so hungry but chase won't give any taco bell he trying to make me eat some fruit

So when he left I made me and mika some steak and shrimp with some pink  lemonade and I had some pickles with mine

Mommy I can't wait to see my brother or sister she squealed

I know baby your going to be a great big sister I smiled

Mhm she nodded

I shook my head as I took her plate and sat it in the sink

Once she had her bath I did her hair and she climbed on her princes bed and went to sleep i walked  I took a shower then I climbed in bed and went to sleep


Jade hard headed ass go get her ass beat feeding my baby all this fast food

I stepped out for a while and went to go check up on the trap then I went home

I took a shower then I laid behind her kissing her soft lips then I went to sleep

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