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Maci ^^^^^^


I sat in the doctors office rubbing my stomach. I hate coming here sometimes. But whatever best for the baby. I have 2 more months then I can finally see if it's a girl or boy .

I rolled my eyes seeing Terrance walk in Maddie ran up to me kissing my stomach . I smiled sitting her on  my .lap . She smiled as T mugged me .

Once they called me back I laid on the cold table pulling my shirt up .

Terrance walked up to me kissing my stomach. I smiled as the doctor walked in.

He sat down putting the cold jell over my stomach. I smiled as my baby popped up hearing it's heart beat.

Aweee I cooded softly

Terrance smiled grabbing my hand.

I looked over at Maddie seeing her sitting on the couch with her head down.


Maddie why you not talking to me baby I frowned

Because the new baby come and you not go love me anymore she sniffed

Baby I'll always love you .. okay  I'll love both you guys aren't you happy you finally get a new baby sister or brother I smiled

She smiled nodding her head .

I love you I said

I love you too mommy  she smiled

Don't be sad okay ...tell daddy to drop you off later on I said

Okay mommy she said

I closed the door smiling I headed to my brother house seeing two other cars . I frowned my face up walking up to his door. I knocked and some dude with dreads answered . He was cute.

I  pushed pass him seeing a little girl with long black hair and Jason sitting in front of the TV with nacho cheese lunchables sitting in front of them .

Tete Jason yelled running up to me

Hi baby I smiled

Hi the little girl cheesed

Hi sweetie I said looking down at  her

She smiled moving her hair out her face .

I went outside seeing Dylan  smoking a blunt with a few boys . A girl with long black hair sat on his lap in her phone.

Wassup sis he said

I rolled my eyes sitting next to him

Hi the girl smiled showing her braces.

Oh my God is this Aria I yelled

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