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I sat in lunch eating my pizza. Rah dropped me off this morning. Luckily nobody stand outside when its cold😁.

Once lunch was over I went to my last class. We had a long as assembly about bullying which took all dam day.

I walked to my locker fixing my leggings. I grabbed the paper I needed going back to class. I gave the teacher my home work sitting back in my seat.

You mess with Raphael some dude said

Why I said drly

Cause you 15 and he 20 he laughed

Nah its not like that I babysit his sister I said

Awe okay he nodded

I rolled my eyes again moving my desk away from. Him I sent rah a quick message turning off my phone. I did my work and put my head Down since we only had like 30 minutes left .


I got in rah car closing the door

Wassup he said licking his lips

Hey I said

Where da nigga at he asked

Rah don't worry about it I wined folding my arms

Nah he need to worry about it his dam self he mugged

Please rah I said

He looked at me starting then started to car we got food then we went back to his house. I wanted Milly to come but he said she was still at daycare.

We was in the living room watching TV. I climbed in his lap laying my head on his chest. He smiled rubbing my thigh. I bit my lip looking at him. He licked his lips as I slowly leaned in meeting him half way. As our lips touched. I straddled his lap as he held my waist. I moaned as he slid his tongue in my mouth we was making out for about 5 minutes. He finally pulled away biting my lip Peeking them

I rubbed my hand up his chest as he slid his hand in my shirt rubbing his hand up my stomach to my breast.

I laid on his chest as he rubbed my back. I grabbed the cover off the couch as he put it over us kicking his feet up on the little stool thing that sat in front of the couch we was sitting on

Rah I said lowly

Wassup ma he mumbled

Would you date me if I was older I sighed

Yeah....why you ask that he said

I don't know i really like you but your older than me I said

You right but that's not go stop me from liking you tho. He chuckled

You like me I said

Hell yeah I was trying to get granny to give me your number but she said you was only 15 he said

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