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Its been two weeks since me and Tristan had sex and I been through up and I sleep more than I use to

His mom keep saying I'm pregnant but I don't think I am maybe I just got the flu or something

I made them breakfast then I went upstairs and took a shower getting dressed.

I did my hair in a cute bun then I did my make-up

Mommy mommy zyair wined

What's wrong with my pookie I said picking him up

I went to his room and gave him a bath then I got him dressed and combed his hair putting it in a pony tail zipping up his jacket

Y'all leaving Tristan frowned

We'll be back later I said kissing his cheek

Alright make sure you call me he said

Okay love you I yelled going down the steps

Love you more he said

I walked outside then I got in the Car heading towards the clinic


I sat in the back waiting on the doctor to tell me why I been throwing up

Hello Naomi its seems like your two weeks pregnant he smiled

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