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2 months later


My bestie 3 months and she showing already she so mean like all she do is yell and cry when she dont get her way.

Me and cam still freinds . he still with his girlfriend . he claim we Best freinds and get mad when I talk to other dudes

I still stay with my mom we haven't been able to spend time together because her work schedule . but when she's at work I'm ethier with Jamie or at home by myself. My dad trying to take me back now my momma said she taking him to court probably Monday.

I have braces now and I really regret getting them . I have to eat certain food

I was walking to 7th hour when this cute light skin stopped me smiling.

Uh can I help you I said folding my arms

Can you help me get to this class he said

I grabbed the paper reading the list . good he has the same class as me if cam see me talking to him he go blow up. And I don't need him fighting .

Yeah come on i got the same class I smiled

He nodded his head as we walked up the steps. I made a mental note to give Jamie her present before she go home.

Why you late the teacher mugged

I'm not even late you told me to go check yo mail box I said

Ooh I'm sorry she laughed

I shook my head sitting down as the boy who name I don't know sat next to me


I smiled grabbing the box out my locker . I met Jamie at the front as she ate a slim Jim and some gummy bears.

Wassup I smiled rubbing her stomach

Nothing I'm tired she groaned rubbing her belly .

Let's go then I said as my mom pulled up

I helped her in the car as she pulled off heading towards McDonald's.

Here I squealed

What's this she said smiling

Open it I said

She took the ribbon off taking out the light grey cover that had pictures of me and her on it . I smiled as her eyes started to water she hugged me smiling.

Omg  harely I love it thank you she smiled

You welcome I said wiping her tears

But I didn't  get you anything she pouted

Don't worry about it I'm just happy were freinds she said

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