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I leaned against my car talking to some of my home boys. I sat outside of the school waiting on them to dismiss.

Once they did I waited until dlaiah came out. She had her books up to her chest and her glasses on. I bit my lip as she walked up to me hugging me. I kissed her cheek as this girl I fucked a while ago walked up to me smiling.

Hey zavion she giggled

Wassup I said playing with dlaiah hair

This you she asked

Nah why I said

Because I bee seeing y'all on Instagram and shit she laughed

She just my Best friend she know wassup I said

Mhm call me later she said walking away

I have to go she said lowly

You don't want to chill with me I frowned

I'm not feeling so good she mumbled walking away

I sighed rubbing my hand down my face. She got in the car with her dad as he pulled off. I hope I didn't hurt her.

I drove home sitting on the couch watching some cartoons. I called her and she answered on the fifth ring.

Hello she said

Did i  hurt your feelings I asked

Yes she said

I'm sorry best friend I don't want her going around telling everyone we fucking around they get to Fucking with you again  you know how I feel about you I said

I understand she said

You mad at me I said

No she laughed

Can I come see you I said

Um yeah my dad just left for work she said

Ight ma here I come I said

Okay she said hanging up

I got up and went upstairs I took a shower Washing my hair . When I got done I dried off then I  got dressed putting on my shoes and stuff

I drove to her house seeing two cars parked outside.  I parked my car then I got out knocking on the door.

Wassup her step brother mugged

Where my best friend at I asked

She upstairs but she can't have company he said

Whatever I siad pushing him out the way.

I rushed upstairs to her room knocking on her door.

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