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I smiled waving at Maddie teacher I strapped her in the car. Heading towards McDonald's. I got her some lunch heading  home. .I Frowned my face up seeing a all black jeep in the drive way. I grabbed Maddie and cherish heading in the house. I  covered Maddie eyes seeing Terrance fucking some chick on our new couch.

Are you serious I cried

Baby I can explain he said

I shook my head rushing upstairs. I packed all the stuff I got sitting the necklace and promise ring he gave me on the bed. I packed Maddie bag and cherish a diaper bag. I walked down the steps as he grabbed my waist.

Stop I cried

I'm sorry he said

I'm tired of your sorry Terrance all you do is cheat I'm taking my girls with me you not about to have different girls around him. You can pick them up from daycare tommorow. I'm tired of hurting I screamed hitting him.

I know man please imma do better he said as his voice cracked

You always say that I sniffed

Imma change ma please... I only cheated 2 times I love you so much you can't leave  he cried hugging my waist

I'm sorry but I can't I need space I said

Nah man you ain't leaving me he said

Move I said picking up cherish car seat.

Leave if you want to he said

Okay watch me I said  walking out

I strapped Maddie in wiping her face.

I walked in the house grabbed Cherish car seat.

Imma find you he said

Mhm I said

You still mines Malory ....he smirked

No I'm not imma find me a man who loves me and won't cheat i said

Yeah whatever I'll kill that nigga he chuckled

I shook my head walking out I strapped Cherish in getting in. I pulled off going   to a hotel .

Baby💖💞😛: you think you can leave me huh I'll be at that hotel in a minute don't try to leave ethier

I rolled my eyes tucking Maddie in bed I laud cherish cover down laying her next to her sister.

I stepped in turning on the shower I washing up once I got done I turned off the water drying off I put on one of Terence shirts I laid in bed closing my eyes.

Wake dat ass up he said busting in the room.

Get out I yelled

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