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Zay up top


Since Tristan leaving me I decided to take zyair to the mall to get more clothes and shoes .

I took a picture of him and posted it on Instagram

I strapped him in the car and pulled off

Ma eat he yelled

Okay baby in a minute I said turning down the music a little

We finally arrived at the mall I got him some shorts polo shirts and pajamas.

I got him some toys and a whole bunch of socks and more toys .

I got Tristan something and all of us matching outfits

I picked up the fruity pebbles Jordans and showed them to Zyair

Mine he clapped

I got me zay and Tristan some then we went to the food court and got him some fries  and chicken tenders

Mm he said

I shook my head as he stuffed some fries in his mouth

Some he said holding his  hand out

No I'm okay baby I said

He smiled as he picked up his cup drinking some

Wassup lil baby some ugly ass dude smirked

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