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I stepped out my car as I walked up to Malory apparemets knocking on her door.

Yes some girl said

Malory here I asked

Uh.... Hold on she said

A couple minutes later Malory appeared in the door and that girl left

She let me in as we walked over to the couch where Maddie was sleeping on the couch with her mouth open

I won't need you to watch her tomorrow I said

Okay she said in a sad tone

Say bye to Malory Maddie I said

Bwye bwye malowie she sniffed

See you later baby call me before you go to bed she said kissing her cheek

Otay she smiled

We got in the car and drove off I got her some breakfast then we went home

Daddy Maddie said

Wassup princess I said

Maowie be mommy she smiled

Uh no I don't think so baby girl I said

Otay she sniffed as she slowly walked to her room

I shook my head as I picked up the trays and threw them away I went upstairs and she was laying on her bed holding her baby doll.

I went to my room and took a nap.


I fed Zyair some grits as Tristan came around the conner talking on the phone

Yeah ight he said hanging up

I shook my head as I wiped his face off pouring him some juice

Good morning he said wrapping his arms around me

Good morning I said moving his arms

Im go be gone all day so d-

Okay I sighed cutting him off

He mumbled something under his breathe as he walked to the back

I picked Zyair up and carried him upstairs to
The bathroom

I washed him up then I washed his curly hair

Ahh he screamed holding his head

Really I laughed

He looked at me then started laughing with me

I rinsed him off wrapping the towel around him

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