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4 months later



I smiled wrapping  my around serria kissing  all over her face  she smiled  wrapping  her arms around  my neck.

I lips her lips  as she stood on her  tipy  toes.

I picked  her up as she wrapped her  legs around  my waist.

I sucked on her neck as  she but her lip moaning  softly.

I smirked  putting her down.

I want ice cream  she said

Bro it's cold outside  and you want ice cream  I said  sitting on the  couch 

Yup she smiled  sitting on my lap

Nah baby it's too cold I said

She huffed  pouting 

You mad I laughed  rubbing her thighs

Yes  she said 

Come on man I huffed shaking  my head

She squealed  clapping her hands.

She jumped  up grabbing  her shoes. I stood up fixing my sweats.  Slipping  on my Nike slides.  I grabbed  my keys as she skipped  outside  smiling.

You know  you spolied  right i said  once we got in the car

Am I she gasped holding her chest

Yup can't nobody  tell you  no without  you crying  I said

What is a no she said she  crossing  her legs

I smirked  shaking  my head 

Let me call and check on my little  tink tink she said

Ya brother  stole my baby I laughed 

I know  right  she came to see me not  him she pouted

Ya always  pouting I said

No I'm not she smiled 

I turned  my head  as she kissed my lips.

Once we arrived at the  store I got out grabbing  her hand.

We walked  in  the store grabbing  a  cart.

She climbed in the  cart as I pushed her down the aisle .

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