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Marshall in media

2 weeks later 👀👣


Ava you Otay milly asked

Yeah I smiled brushing my teeth

Can I have a cookie she smiled

Yeah go wait downstairs for me I said

She nodded walking out.

I cleaned my face sighing I been sick for the past two weeks . maybe it's just something I ate . I finally went downstairs and took out the cookies.

I gave her three then I sat at the island drinking a bottle of water

You still don't feel good rah said licking his lips

Yes I said

You wanna go to the hospital he said

I don't Care I mumbled

Milly come get your shoes he said

Okay i heard her yell

I got up walking to the living room grabbing my shoes from the  front door I smiled as milly stood next to me with my jacket and phone

Thank you Baby I smiled

You welcome she giggled

Rah picked her up grabbing my hand

We got in the car then he finally pulled off giving Milly  his phone.

I sighed looking over at him.

It's okay baby he said

I'm scared I said sighing

It's go be okay don't stress over it he said kissing me

I smiled leaning my head against the window

Audrey wanna meet up with me so I'm going over her house when I leave the hospital and plus I wanna see my baby Shawn .

Once we got to the hospital he sighed me in then we sat in a little room after they took my blood pressure and stuff .

I sighed as rah kissed my forehead .

Ava look milly giggled showing me that her tooth was missing.

Awe you look so cute pooh I smiled

Thanks she giggled

I smiled as the doctor walked in holding a clip board .

Hi you must be big brother she smiled

Nah I'm her boyfriend he mugged

Well we ran some test and the reason your sick is because your 2 weeks pregnant were going to bring another nurse in to do your ultrasound if you have any questions then you can ask her she smiled walking away

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