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So today me and jade going to the mall to get our nails done and talk

I fixed my hair as I walked downstairs and he was playing the game

I'm leaving I said

He nodded his head as he went back to the game

I left out getting in the all black charger pulling off


I finally made it to the mall where jade was standing by the door texting on her phone

Hey I smiled

Hey she said

We got something to drink then we went to the nail shop then we started shopping then she got Chinese food and I got chick-fa-la

So I'm pregnant she smiled

Omg really how many months I squealed

2 months she smiled

Awe I'm going to be a auntie I smiled

I can't wait to find out the gender she smiled

We talked for about another hour then I went home and took a shower

My legs are still sore from last night I rubbed my thighs as he walked in the room with zyair

Mommy he squealed

I laughed as he jumped on me

Hey baby I smiled

Miss you he smiled

Awe I miss you more I said laying him on the bed

He smiled as he put his finger in his mouth closing his eyes

Hey baby I said crawling towards the end of the bed

Wassup he said pulling me up giving me a tight hug

I kissed his cheek as we walked out and went downstairs

You had fun at the mall he asked

Mhm did you know jade's pregnant i asked

Yea chase told me he slightly smiled

You okay he asked

Uh .... Yeah he mumbled as he walked into another  room

I sighed as I got some chips then I followed him

Babe talk to me I frowned

I'm good ma he said

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms and his waist

Babe talk to me what's wrong I pouted

Nothing he said moving my arms

I smacked my lips as I went upstairs and laid on the bed watching bubble guppies

A couple minutes later he came in and laid his head on my stomach

I rubbed my fingers through his hair as I slowly started to go to sleep


Once I got home I cooked dinner then I went upstairs and took a 30 minutes shower then I did my hair in two French braids .

Mommy daddy eat my stuff mika wined

I stood up as we walked downstairs and I folded my arms as chase ate off of both plates

Really I said

I was hungry he said

I shook my head as I took out some boneless chicken tenders with some French fries once I got done I made her plate and washed my hands


Once mika had her bath I tucked her In and went to my room and laid down in the bed closing my eyes


Me and mika went to see my momma then we went out to eat and she helped​ me pick out a ring😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

Once she got home she cooked then she went upstairs and mika told her that I ate her food so she cooked her something else

I took a shower then I laid down behind her and went to sleep


Once Naomi got home I was happy as hell I miss my baby So much I guess I got a Lil jealous about Jade and chase baby on the way

I don't want to rush her into nothing like that until she ready .

I got laid on her stomach and took a nap

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