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1 year later


Zyair one year old he getting so big he calls me mommy I don't mind I love him so much and I grew closer to him over the pass year .

Me and Tristan kinda dating he was the first boy I kissed he said he didn't care as long as I don't go around kidding other boys.

Me and jade got closer I love her so much she's like a sister I never had .

Her and chase working on there relationship they still argue time to time.

I stopped at the grocery store and got something for dinner which is stuff to make Rotel dip and im also making nachos

I paid for the food then I pushed the cart to the car putting them in the backseat


Mommies home Tristan smiled holding zay

Mommy he squealed

Hi baby I smiled kissing his cheek

Hi mommy he smiled

Go get the grocery's please I said

He nodded his head as he sat zay in his walker then he walked outside

I took a quick shower putting on my grey sweats and my sports bra

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