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2 months later


I pulled up to my mom's house getting out. I grabbed the bags jogging up to the porch. I sat some of the bags down knocking.

Who is it she yelled

It's me ma open up I laughed

She opened the door helping me with some of the bags

You excited for your trip she smiled

Yeah kinda I said biting my lip

Finally found you a little girlfriend huh she smiled

She not my girlfriend ma I huffed

Of course she's not she smiled putting the grocies up.

Serria brother still didn't let her come see me. She been so busy taking care of her sister she missed her flight. I didn't even wanna do nothing for my birthday but Naomi and them threw me a party anyway and I spent the day with my baby girl

Dada pa she said coming in the kitchen with my dad

Wassup baby I smiled grabbing her 

Pa she said

I see baby i said kissing her cheek

I stayed for a while longer then me and Essence left .

Once we got home she had her bath then I put on her pajamas brushing her hair in a pony tail since that's the only thing I know how to do.

What you wanna eat for dinner I said

She looked at me laughing

How about spaghetti I said

She giggled smiling

I quickly picked up my phone once I seen serria trying to FaceTime.

Hello she yelled

Why you yelling mama I laughed

My bad she giggled

What you doing I asked

Nothing bored she said

Where you at I asked noticing she was in a car

Uh im with my brother she said scratching her nose

Mm you lying I asked

No she said

Hm okay I said.

hey  Pooh she said looking down at essence

Eh she giggled pointing to the camera

Say hi I said

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