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I sat up in bed as ava wrapped her arms around me. I chuckled moving her arms. She rolled on her stomach snoring. I got up getting in the shower

I put on my sweat pants and my white polo shirt with the black logo. I slipped on my slides grabbing my phone and keys. I sat next to ava rubbing her leg

Baby I said Kissing her cheek

Hm she mumbled

Gimme kiss I'm about to go I said

No she wined sitting up wrapping my arms around my neck

I'll be back I said rubbing her back

She pouted kissing my lips.

She laid down as I pulled the covers over her body.

I went and got milly then we got in the car. I bought her some breakfast then I took her to my granny house. She started crying jumping up and down .

Stop I said picking her up.

No go want Ava she cried

Shh if you stay I'll buy you a  Barbie doll I said

Hey Milly granny smiled.

Granny she shouted jumping in her arms.

Ight I'm out I said

I hope you didn't do nothing yesterday she said

Just known I handled it I said walking out

I stopped and got Ava something to eat then I went. Home she was laying on the bed watching TV when I walked in.

Here I said licking my lips

Thanks she smiled taking it from me

I sat on the bed Laying back. She climbed on top of me biting her lip.

I chuckled gripping her things pulling her down by her shirt. I kissed her making her blush. I let her go. As she bit her lip rubbing my chest.

She kissed me pulling away. I moved her off me as she pouted. I laughed putting my phone on the charger . I went downstairs and got something to eat then I went upstairs sitting down.

Can I have some she asked

I held the sandwich up to her mouth as she bit into it. I ate the rest of them drinking some of my water. She laid on my leg. As I played in her hair.

Gimme kiss I said

She sat up kissing me. I played in her hair until she went to sleep. I fixed her body laying down. I took a video of her kissing on her neck as she started moving around . I held her body close to me. I finally closed my eyes going to sleep.


Hi mama I smiled hugging Tristan's mom

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