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I woke up to destiny all over me. I slid from under her putting a pillow under her arm. I took a shower brushing my teeth. I got dressed  fixing my shoes.

I grabbed my phone leaving out. I went to the barber shop frist to get my dreads retwisted and got the sides off.

Thanks I smiled paying her

No problem the smiled bitting her lip.

I shook my head walking out I got in my car heading  the trap I need them to find that nigga dan as soon as possible he not about to get away with hurting my fucking wife and kids .  

After they left I smoked 2 blunts until they got back. I walked downstairs seeing him tied up with a black eye

You thought you was go get away with hurting my fucking lady nigga I yelled

Fuck you nigga he said

I punched him in his face making him fall back. I shook my head grabbing my knife calling tee down here. She smiled grabbing the knife from me .

Have fun I chuckled standing back

I chuckled as she stabbed him all over

She grabbed the gasliome pouring it all over his body she grabbed a match throwing it at him. I yanwed walking out. I got in my car heading to Wendys

I got us something to eat then went back home Airel ran up to me hugging my legs. I chuckled picking her up

Hey fat fat I smiled

Dada she cheered

I sat her down putting her fries and nuggets on the napkin  I poured her drink in her cup giving Desi her food

Thank you baby she smiled kissing me

You welcome mama I said biting into my sandwich

What did you do today she said

Well I went to the barber then I went to the trap to handle some business I said

She nodded eating one of her fries

Look baby she smiled showing me a picture of her

When did you take that I said sending it to myself then posted it on Snapchat.

Uh this morning she yanwed laying on my shoulder. I chuckled as  she rubbed my arms indacting she wanted something. I looked at her smiling.

Whatcha want mamas I said smiling

Ice cream she smiled in a baby voice

No you know what happened when you eat ice cream I said

But I really want it she cried

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