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1 month later 🌈👀💞


So its been a month now and me and Kay together she got her a little condo not to far from he school and job..

Reign two months she getting so big😔

We found out where Jamie at . Turns out her dad took her when she was walking home. We found her bag in a alley . Everything was missing from it.

Dakota bought her the new I phone 7 plus. With a gold case with a little bow.

I was laying in bed with reign while she chewed on her sock .

Mommy go get you fats I laughed .

She giggled making her dimples pop out.

Silly baby I said picking her up.

I put on her snowsuit and her hat .

Ready to go see granny I smiled

She looked up at me blinking her eyes

She must be tired because Everytime she do that she ehtier blink or wine .

I put her Binky in her mouth grabbing her cover

I slipped on my shoes grabbing my hoodie. I picked up her car seat heading out I made sure she was strapped in before pulling off .

I pulled up at my mom's house getting out . I sighed seeing my dad car

Me and my mom made up it's just my dad he doesn't like the fact .im with Kay and i treat reign like she my own.

I got out grabbing reign then I walked up to the porch Knocking three times.

Hey baby my mom smiled

Hey momma I said kissing her cheek

Ooo you bought my baby she squealed grabbing her

I shook my head closing the door

Where's Dakota I asked

He left with that girl see huffed rocking reign in her arms

You cooked I said

Mhm you hungry she asked

Yeah I said

She gave me reign making my plate I mugged my dad as he sat next to me .

Thanks ma i said

You welcome now give me my baby she smiled

I shook my head smiling

We stayed for a little while longer then we went to Kay school .

I took reign out her carseat putting her cover over her

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