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I woke up with mika on my chest I laid her on the pillow getting up

I washed my face and brushed my teeth then I started making breakfast for me and mika

Once she woke up I gave her a bath and washed her curly brown hair

I made her plate and we sat on the couch and ate

Once we got done we went to the store and I got her some beads for her hair and we got some snacks

I braided her hair in two pony tails and the the back was down once she got done I let her eat her snacks and we had so much fun we played games and made cookies and we ate nachos.

She just got out the bath so I tied her hair up and we sat on the couch and watched movies


After I left the trap I went home and showered then I stopped at McDonald's then I drove to jade house

I got out and knocked on the door

She finally opened the door with mika on her hip

Where yo stuff I asked

She put her down and mika ran to the back and came back with her north face hoodie and her shoes

Look daddy she said showing me her hair

Its cute I smiled picking her up

See you jade she frowned

Call me before you go to sleep okay she said

Otay she sniffed

I walked away and strapped her in the booster seat then I got in and pulled off

You eat I asked

Ywes me eat yummy chicken greens and corn bread she said in her baby voice

Okay I said

Daddy she said

Wassup I said

Do you lub jade she asked

Of course I do baby we just can't be together I said

You make her cry and you mean to her she said

I shook my head as I pulled into the drive way getting out I helped her out and she ran to the door

I let her in and she stormed to her room

I shook my head as I went to my office looking over some paper work


I was laying in bed when zay started crying I got up and made him a bottle

Once he got done I burped him and wiped his mouth off

Tristan been gone all day and he wont answer my calls and I'm really worried about him.

I gave him a bath and washed his curly hair then I rocked them to sleep

I took a shower and put on one of his shirts then i sat on the couch waiting for him to come home


I turned on my phone and seen I had three missed calls from Naomi

I got in my car and pulled off heading home

When I walked in the guys pulled up and we all went in the house and Naomi was sleep on the couch with one of my shirts on

I picked her up and her eyes slowly opened

You okay she mumbled

Yeah I'm.good I said laying her in the bed

I went back downstairs and handled business then I went back upstairs and took a shower laying behind Naomi

Tommorow my momma having a cook out and that's when I'm going to introduce my mom to Naomi I'm pretty sure my mom go love her.

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