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I shook my head as Naomi walked pass me again without speaking or giving me a kiss she been giving me the silent treatment all day

Baby C'mere for a minute I said

What she said as she sat on my lap

What's the problem I asked

Nothing she said laying her head on my chest

Mhm gimme  kiss I said poking my lips out

She grabbed my face and pecked my lips three times.

Love you I said

Love you too she smiled as she laid on my chest

I rubbed her back as zyair busted in the room running towards her

Mommy mommy he laughed

What's wrong baby she said moving off my lap

Sweepy he yawned rubbing his eyes

She looked at me before she sat on the other couch with him on her chest

After a while he went to sleep and it was time for me to go see tj

Where you going now she huffed

I'll be back I said grabbing my keys

She stomped over to the couch and sat down mumbling something under her breathe

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