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So me and Tristan decided to take the kids out . I jumped in the shower washing my body as I added more dove soap into my rag as I washed over my large belly.

I washed my hair then I got out drying off.

I put on my black under wear with a laced bra and my grey Nike sweat pants and my white v neck that showed off my stomach

I blow dried my hair as I brushed it I to a pony tail then I put it into a cute messy bun adding a little make up. I put on my socks then Tristan put on my shoed for me then we got the kids ready and left .

First we went to break fast which is I hop I got some bacon , eggs, sausage , pancakes , and a cup of hot chocolate .

The boys got a bacon eggs and orange juice and Tristan got the same thing as me but he didn't want hot chocolate so he got a cup of ice tea with extra ice .

Once we got done we took them to the park then we went to the movies and we did a little shopping before we went home. I changed my clothes then I laid the boys down for their nap . while I watched TV and ate a tub of Oreo ice cream . Tristan had to go handle business at the trap so we was at home by our self.

He always leaving late at night and come home and run straight to the shower . one time he came home with a Hickey on his neck and tried to say it was from me but we haven't had sex in a while . but if he is cheating I'm going to find out one way or the other . I'm so tired of him cheating 💔


Once I spent time with my family . I went to the trap and smoked a blunt then this hoe walked in biting her finger making me chuckle she walked in as she closed the door then she came over and sat on my lap taking the blunt out my hand as she put it out facing me .

I held her small waist as she kissed on my neck grinding her his against my manhood

I stood up as I laid her on the desk removing the little clothes she had on .

I pulled out my manhood putting on two condoms before I slid inside her loose walls

Fuck I groaned

I know y'all probably hate me for cheating on Naomi but I'm a man and I got needs .

We can't have sex anymore because of the baby and the boys always around

Once I got done I kicked her out then I took a shower in my office and left I sighed as I seen the light pink Hickey's that was on my neck . I shook it off as I pulled into the drive way getting out .


I held my stomach as miracle starred to kick me. I grabbed some strawberries from the fridge before I sat down on the couch turning on my favorite show kicking my feet up on the coffee table .

Mika was at school and chase went to go play basketball with a couple of his friends so I was at home chilling while I had the Chance . once mika get home she change her clothes then we do her homework and I give her a snack until me or chance cooks dinner or well order take out . but I've been craving roast lately

Once chase got back he took a shower then we went to go get mika . I stopped at the grocery store so we can get the stuff to cook dinner . chase and mika wanted tacos . maybe we'll eat roast next time or on a Sunday or something .

Mommy I get this mika said holding up a bag of chips

No maybe next time I said

Please mommy she wined

She said no so go but it back chase said adding some stuff to the basket

Fine she mumbled as she walked away.

I shook my head as I wobbled over towards the deli and got some lunch meat and got a sample of some cheese.

Mika ran up to me grabbing my hand as we got a couple more items before we paid and went to the car . I strapped mika in her booster seat then I got in myself .

Chase finally got in and we went home . I sent mika upstairs while I took a small nap . that's all I been doing lately is sleeping . I gotta doctors appointment next month and I can't wait to see my baby girl and hear her soft heartbeat's .


After I ate I woke mika and jade up and made sure they ate before I put the rest of the food up then I took a shower while jade got mika school clothes out for the next day. She finally came in the room and took a shower . i helped her get dressed then we laid down and watched movies until she fell asleep then I turned off the TV wrapping my arms around her huge belly then i went to sleep .


Dada Maddie smiled reaching for me

I picked her up as I carried her to her room running her some bath water .

I added bubbles as I washed her hair while she played with one of her dolls

Once she was done I dried her off as I helped her get dressed then I let her brush her teeth by herself . after reading her a bed time story she finally went to sleep . I took a shower then I put on my sweats laying in my king sized bed then playing on my phone .Then I finally put it on the charger going to sleep.


After spending time with my brother and his girlfriend he took me home and I ordered some wing stop . while I was waiting on my food to come I took a shower and cleaning up a bit.

I paid the man closing the door back making sure I locked it . I went upstairs laying down I turned on bad girls club then I watched some other TV show about this singing group. (Star) I finally went to sleep with alot on my mind .


Sorry its so short guys

Still trying to figure everything out

Please give ideas if I have any

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