Pamela Voorhees Lemon

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(A/N: Prepare for all you Friday the 13th fans to be excited and also gets some tissues cause this is a Yuri!! This character is picked by Chris-Narwhal and DarkThornBloodyLove. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!!)

Pamela have been dating you for a while and she loves you so much. You became the counselor at Camp Crystal Lake and she saved your life from your ex boyfriend as she begin to become your soulmate. You are now in the kitchen as the other counselors are busy in the woods talking and partying as the others are busy making love. Pamela came as she show a smile on her face as she gave a chocolate molten lava cake and you smile and eat it.

"Mm taste so good." You smiled

"I'm glad you like it my love." Pamela said

You begin to smile as Pamela take your hand and bring you inside the kitchen and you begin to help clean up the kitchen by doing the dishes, mopping the floor and even put the utensils where they belong. Pamela came over and touch your body as she wanted to make love to you as you blush in a deep shade of red.

"You know I protect my son Jason and he knows how much I love him as much as I love you. Let's have our fun together." Pamela smirked

You blush as Pamela kiss your lips so gentle and loving as you kiss back. You then have a steamy make out session as Pamela goes on your neck and abuse your sweet spot with ease. She take out her machete and put it through your shirt and tore it as you blush as you are in your bra. She carefully remove it and goes to your right bud as you moan with passion as she switches to the opposite. You moan more as she remove your pants as she smirk at your wetness.

"Naughty naughty Y/N~ you know you have seen so excited to get turned on by this." Pamela chuckled

She entered three fingers as she pumps them as you moan out her name in pleasure. She went faster as you moan even more.

"P-Pamela ahh~~ fuck!" You moaned

"Now now~~ that's not nice to use foul language." Pamela said

As you continue to moan, Pamela smacked your butt as she does a few more times as you moaned as you felt turned on when she does that. You then release as Pamela pull out her fingers and licks them off and make a few tsks.

"Naughty Y/N~." Pamela smirked

She then take off her clothes as you blush at her body and you got on your hands and knees and crawl over as you needed her. She spread her legs as you begin to eat her out as she moans and clings onto your hair.

"Ahh~~ that's it." Pamela moaned

You lick more as you hum which cause vibrations as she moan and grind her hips. She keeps moaning as you lick deeper until she release as you became a good girl and swallow it down. She then take out a vibrating thimble and place it on your core as you moan softly as Pamela place her core with yours and that's when you both scissor while feeling vibrations of the thimble.

"Ahh Pamela~." You moaned

"That's right dear. Say my name you naughty counselor~." Pamela smirked

You moan her name more as Pamela grinds even harder as you moan loudly in pleasure. You then gasped as you came as Pamela also did the same. You begin to pant with exhaustion as Pamela remove the thimble and give you a deep passionate kiss.

"That's amazing.." You panted

"It sure is.." Pamela panted

You then helped Pamela clean up the mess and even spray some air freshener because the other cooks wouldn't notice the smell that you and Pamela have some 'fun'. You then leave the place and went with Pamela to the cabin as you both then fall into a nice sleep together.

Pamela: Very good

Mary Shaw: Hehe great job but in the kitchen?

Jennifer: Come on Mary she did all she can.

Me: hehe yeah

Esther: *got a nosebleed*

Polite Leader: Well we got a few more people left

Me: Then we can do the bullying scene

Pyramid Head: Oh god I fucking hate bullies!

SweetTooth: Yeah I can make ice cream out of their blood

Carrie, Esther, Angela, Regan, and Samara: EW!!!!!

Tex: Yum

Me: Hehehe Jack would you do the honors

Jack: Everyone pick the next character

CandyMan: You can pick either me

Ginger: Or me

Angela: Or me.. *looks away*

Harry: Or even Polite Leader, Annabelle and Dolly

Tiffany: Who are now beating up Chucky because he watch them shower

Dolly and Annabelle: *beat up Chucky*

Pinhead: Goodbye you wonderful readers of the night

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