When They Try An Instrument

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Brahms Heelshire:

You are now in the kitchen making some chicken and dumplings for warmth and that's when you hear the sound of piano music. You went over to see Brahms playing some classical music on the piano. You then smile at his talent and you sit right next to him and observe him playing the song.

Pyramid Head:

You are now playing with Derek until you hear the sound of an organ . You came over to see Pyramid Head playing the haunting song of the theme Dracula as you applauded at the sound. Pyramid Head continues to play the song as you listen.


Foxy is a pro at playing the violin as you smiled. You let him play the song I'm Glad You Came as you smiled at him.


CandyMan is now playing the harp as you sway your head to the sound of the music. It even made your pet Sean sleepy as you smiled softly.

Polite Leader:

Polite Leader loves to play the piano as he begin to play a classic song which made you feel very relaxed. You smiled as he's very good on the piano.


You are now asleep as SweetTooth got a pair of cymbals as you begin to sleep more as Sparkles also sleep with her tail curling. SweetTooth came inside and crash the cymbals together as you woke up and screamed.

"SWEETTOOTH!" You growled

Sparkles mews and let out a cute hiss as you growled and chase SweetTooth.

Bo Sinclair:

You are now at the hotel and you begin to clean up the hotel room and that's when you hear the sound of the electric guitar. You went over to see Bo Sinclair playing the electric guitar to the song Blood On My Hand as you rocked your head. You love him playing the guitar really well.

Vincent Sinclair:

Vincent is finished with work and he begin to go to the piano and take out some music and begin to play the song All Of Me by John Legend. You came over and observe him playing the piano. You love him playing the piano and peck his cheek.

Tex Sawyer:

Tex got out a electric guitar and he started to playing the song Sick of It by Skillet and you smiled and rock your head to the song as Heather nuzzles into Tex. He is really good at playing the guitar.

Harry Warden:

Harry begin to play the cello after when he is finish mining and you begin to hear the sound as you smiled. You went over to him as you applauded the song as Harry smiled at him.


Creeper is now playing the maracas to the salsa song as you giggled and he chuckled. He continues to shake the maracas as you giggled softly at Creeper for playing the instrument.

Lucas Baker:

Lucas begin to play the acoustic guitar to the song Time Of Your Life by Green Day as you smiled softly at the song while Chester is watching him play. You smiled softly at Lucas playing so good at the guitar.


Bendy is now playing the clarinet as Boris begin to help him play the clarinet. He made one mistake on playing the song as Boris chuckled and told him to keep practicing.


Alice begin to play her violin to the haunting song Requiem For A Dream as you smiled and kiss her cheek. You continue to watch her play the violin to the haunting tune.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer tried to play the flute but she keeps on messing up as you giggled and tell her to keep practicing.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger is very good at playing the drums as she even played the rock song Inside The Fire by Disturbed. You smiled and listen to the song cover.

Mary Shaw:

Mary is now playing the viola as you overheard the music and came over as Mary continues to play as you smiled softly.

Marguerite Baker:

Marguerite is now looking for an instrument as she then sees a acoustic guitar. She started to play a song which draws your attention and begin to listen to her play the song. You applauded as she smiled at you.

Tiffany Ray:

Tiffany is a pro at playing the electric guitar as she played the song Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson. While playing the song, you begin to rock your head to the beat as you applauded her.


Dolly begin to play the flute to a classic song My Immortal. It made you feel relaxed and you smile at her and let her play some more.


Annabelle begin to play the triangle as you giggled as you got the violin and play a song. As Annabelle continues to play the triangle you giggled as she continue to play with you.

Verona, Marishka and Aleera:

The three brides begin to play some classic music as Verona plays on the violin, Marishka play on the viola and Marishka play on the cello. They begin to play some classic music as you begin to smile while listening to them. You smiled at them as they are very good at playing the instrument.

Angela Baker:

Angela is now playing the acoustic guitar to the song Carolyn by Black Veil Brides as you listen to the song. She then continues to play and you smiled.

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