New Character- Alice

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(A/N: Another character from Bendy and The Ink Machine is coming in!! Guys and girls, this is Alice The Angel!! The character is given to me by snkaotgem. Hope everyone enjoy this chapter.)

How You Met:

You are now at the recording studio singing some rock songs for your character which is a rockstar as your boss gets very angry and hits you frequently. This was your day and you are now singing the song Pain by Three Days Grace as the boss came and hit you with his belt as you screamed in pain.

"NO NO NO!! Can't you sing it right you awful bitch?!" The boss said

That's when you felt an angel who have horns on her head with an angry look on her face.

"Excuse me young man, that's no way to hit a woman like that!" The angel said

The angel grabbed the boss with her strength and pull it apart allowing blood to come down and she begin to look at you.

"Hello seems you like music just like me. I'm Alice The Angel." Alice said

You told her your name which made her look at the bruises on your body and she tsks a few times and begin to care for your wounds and lead to the other animation studio and let you stay in a room. You felt surprised that Alice saved your life.

Meeting Again/Becoming Close Friends:

In the recording studio, you are now in pain as Alice is taking care of your wounds by putting some hydrogen peroxide on the cuts as you hissed with pain and she comforts you. You then thanked her as she smiled at you and you became close friends with her.

Her Feelings Towards You:

Y/N is a beautiful musician and she have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. I just witnessed what her boss did to her and that gets me so angry. I don't want her to be harmed by anyone else and I want her to be safe.

When She Asked You Out:

You are now walking around the animation studio as Alice is talking to Bendy and Boris as you felt shy yet scared. She came over and look at you.

"Would you go out with me?" Alice asked

You smiled and nodded yes and smiled as Alice hugged you close.

First Date/Kiss:

Alice takes you to a concert as a date and you smiled and you begin to see your favorite group Papa Roach. You smiled as you enjoyed that group and you started smiling as Alice smiled because she loves the way you smile when you are happy. After the concert, you went to get some ice cream and Alice also got hers. You smiled and eat the ice cream with her.

"You got some ice cream on your lips." Alice giggled

"Where?" You asked

"Here." Alice said

Alice kisses your lips as you kissed back as everyone at the ice cream shop awed at this wonderful moment.

When She Takes You Shopping:

Alice takes you to Hot Topic as you begin to get some beautiful band shirts, make up and even wristbands as she smiled and kiss your lips. You have a great time with her

When She Reacts To Yaoi:

"Aww it's so cute." Alice said

Alice is seeing a Bendy X Boris fanfic as you smiled and also join in reading the session. Bendy and Boris both come and look at the fanfic as Bendy nodded no.

"What type of entertainment is that?!" Bendy asked

The Nicknames she called you:

Alice calls you honey, her babe and even darling.

What Gift She Gave You:

Alice gives you a beautiful microphone and headphones in F/C for the recording studio as you smiled and like her gift.

When She Cheats On You/Break Up:

Nope! Too innocent for that

When She Forgives You:


When She Caught You Naked:

You are now taking a warm shower in the bathroom as Alice came back from dancing as she also wants to take a shower too. She remove her clothes and went to the bathroom and remove the curtains as you blush and cover yourself.

"Alice! Can't a girl get some privacy?" You blushed

"You know we can shower together since we're both girls." Alice giggled

You blush and nodded no and leave while giggling softly.

Make Out Caught:

You are now making out with Alice and she hold you close while making out with you. You made out with her for an hour until you heard a wolf howl and you turn around to see Boris.

"Getting some alone time with Alice huh?" Boris asked

"Hehe go away Boris. Can't you see I'm making out with my darling?" Alice asked

Boris left as you blushed red as he caught you making out.

When She Caught You Singing:

You are now in the recording studio and you begin to place your headphones on and you begin to sing the chorus of the song.

"You could be my luck
Even in a hurricane of frowns
I know that we'll be safe and sound (safe and sound)
We're safe and sound (safe and sound)
We're safe and sound (Hold your ground)
We're safe and sound (safe and sound)." You sang

Alice overheard and clapped her hands as you blushed and she tell you that she loves your voice.

Her Favorite School Subject:


When She Shows You Her Talent:

Alice showed you her talent which is dancing and you begin to see her tap dance and you smiled and clapped your hands as you love her talent.

When You Caught Her Singing:

You are now at the recording studio with Alice and she begin to sing the song Skinny Love by Birdy and she started singing.

"Come on skinny love what happened here
Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Sullen load is full, so slow on the split." Alice sang

You smiled and applaud and you smiled and kiss her cheek that you enjoyed her voice.

When She Sees You Bullied:

If Alice sees anyone bullying you, she and her friends attack the bullies or even kill them. She also comfort you with love.

When You Reveal Your Sexuality:

When you tell your mom and dad about being a lesbian, they both begin to gasp with shock and you tell them that it's your choice to be with whatever you want. Your mom felt angry but your dad understood about your decision.

Me: Welcome Alice!!

Alice: Thanks for putting me in the story.

Bendy: Heya toots! Whatcha up to?

Lucas: Wow they must've know each other

Marguerite: True

Jigsaw: Yeah everyone always want to know each other

Me: *giggles^ Hope everyone enjoys this chapter

Alice: Bye bye followers and wonderful readers

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