Tiffany Ray's Wedding

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(A/N: Who's ready for the wedding with dear ole Tiffany Ray? This character is picked by Chris-Narwhal and Tania_kushina_homra. Hope you all enjoy this wedding chapter!)

You are so excited to marry the love of your life Tiffany Ray. Tiffany always protect you and love and doesn't want you to get abused anymore. You got on your black dress with some purple heels as you begin to take a deep breath and is ready to walk down the aisle. Pinhead start to play the harp as you begin to walk down the aisle as your pet tarantula Brett is on your head. Mary Shaw begin to read as Tiffany hold your hand.

"Tiffany, you are my protector and I love you so much. You have keep me safe and secure away from my mom. I will treat you like a beautiful queen and will love you with all my heart." You said

"My sweet face Y/N, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. Your smile made me feel happy, your body is so sexy like the models and even your hair is so beautiful. I will treat you as my princess and will always love you." Tiffany said

"Do you Y/N, take Tiffany Ray to be your wife?" Mary Shaw asked

"I do." You smiled

"Do you Tiffany Ray, take Y/N to be your wife?" Mary Shaw asked

"I do." Tiffany said

Mary Shaw allowed you to kiss as you nodded and kiss her lips as Brett crawled down on your shoulder and made a cute smile. At the party, Marguerite and Lucas Baker are on the DJ station as the song Pop That came on as Tiffany started twerking as you did same as Marguerite laughed a little. Chucky smirked and came over to Tiffany.

"Hey babe~~~ I want you back with me." Chucky said

"Go away Chucky! Can't you see I'm with someone better than the one who isn't a jackass?" Tiffany said

"Aww come on. I can show it to you in bed~." Chucky smirked

Anger fueled up in your body with fast pace as you lay out a hard punch on Chucky's face as he groaned in pain.

"That's my wife you dipshit!" You yelled

"Yeah you tell em!" Lucas said

Tiffany hold you close and one of the member of Polite Leader's group kicked Chucky out of the wedding. That's when the song She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert came on as you begin to dance with her slowly. After the party, Tiffany begin to hug you close as she kissed your lips

Tiffany: I love it! Thanks. *smiles*

Chucky: *groans* Ow!

Pinhead: Nobody likes you ruining a perfect wedding day

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