New Character- Dracula's Brides

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(A/N: This is your lucky day to all the Van Helsing fans!! You're not only dating one but three brides of Dracula which are Aleera, Verona and Marishka. Just so you know I'm letting Dracula be single! Enjoy this chapter!!)

How You Meet:

You are now outside in the cold as you begin to shiver as you feel very sad and heartbroken. Your parents died in a horrible car accident as you notice a castle and stepped inside. You begin to feel the cold silence as your footsteps echoed.

"H-Hello?" You asked

That's when you heard a hiss as you quickly turn and thought it was your imagination until you heard another one. That's when one who is right behind grabbed you as you tried to struggle as she looks at you.

"I can feel fresh blood rushing in your veins." The first vampire said

You felt scared as two more vampires came down from their bat forms and looked at you.

"Ahh she looks so vulnerable and helpless. I want first bite." The second vampire said

You felt scared as another vampire used her hands to touch the softest part of your neck as she felt it as she snarled and open her mouth and let out a shriek as she is about to bite you until another vampire showed up.

"Master this human came in your castle. Shall we feast on her sweet blood?" The first vampire asked

"Ahh she is sweet but she is vulnerable. She looks like she have no place to go. We'll let her stay here." The male vampire said

You felt relieved as they flick the candles and they came close to you.

"Who are you?" The three vampire girls asked

"M-My name is Y/N L/N." You said

"We are the Master's brides but he is single. I'm Aleera." Aleera said

"I'm Verona my dear." Verona said

"I'm Marishka. We have been hungry for your blood but we won't kill a helpless little girl like yourself." Marishka said

You nodded as you begin to be let go as they begin to give you the grand tour of Dracula's castle.

Meeting Them Again/Close Friends:

You are now in a room as the brides are in their demonic bat form, keeping an eye on you and making sure that you are alright. Even though you know that they are vampires, they have to feast on human blood to stay immortal. Aleera came inside and she touched your body as you blush red as she made a gentle hiss.

"I still want first bite of your blood." Aleera said

"If you want, you can find human blood on the town to your left." You said

Aleera then left as Marishka and Verona keep a closer eye on you. You became close friends with the three girls

Their Feelings Towards You:

Marishka- Y/N is so innocent and very defenseless as her eyes glisten like the darkness of the sky. She came in Master's castle as I wanted to have a bite of her neck. Her blood must be so warm but something stopped me. My heart is beating so fast as I'm in love with her.

Aleera- Y/N.. so vulnerable and innocent. She have came into Master's castle and I wanted first bite of her juicy neck but Master stopped me from biting her. My sisters and I enjoyed her like she wanted to be ours. I will ask her out with my sisters as they felt something like I have been feeling.

Verona- Y/N is so defenseless with a heart filled with blood. She's the dear that she will always have and I wanted to have her. Aleera, Marishka and I wanted to make her ours. She will be ours.

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