New Lover/Without You

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Brahms Heelshire, CandyMan, Polite Leader and Vincent Sinclair:

Nope! They love you too much hehe.

Pyramid Head:

Pyramid Head begin to feel so depressed without you that he noticed you with a new boyfriend which is a guy with a buff body and even a weapon which is a shotgun. You giggled at the guy's muscles as he started to flex them as Pyramid Head begin to feel very sad. He thought about you everyday and he wants you back with him.

Bo Sinclair:

Bo begin to feel miserable as he sees you with your new lover who have red short hair and even some hazel eyes as the new lover gave you a beautiful necklace and even some money as you smiled and feel happy. Bo begin to feel sad as he started to think about you as he sighed.

"Y/N.. please take me back.. I need you so much.. I'm sorry." Bo said


SweetTooth felt very stressed as he felt even miserable as he's killing all the victims while thinking about you. He then sees you as you are by yourself and you are with your closest friends who comfort you.

"Y/N... please take me back." SweetTooth said

Tex Sawyer:

Tex feels very miserable without you as he doesn't want to hunt with LeatherFace or even his brother Alfredo Sawyer as he is doing his perverted ways. He started to feel very sad as he looks at a picture of himself with you.

"Y/N.. I want you back with me.." Tex said sadly

Tiffany Ray, Ginger Fitzgerald, and Pamela Voorhees:

Nope! They're innocent so sorry.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer begin to feel very sad without you as she begin to try to keep the stress away by killing the boys she seduced. She then notice you with another girl who have big and busty chest with a butt that is big which made Jennifer feeling sadder and very depressed. She misses you and she really want you back.


Dolly feels so mad without you to the point that she started crying. She then notice you holding another doll by the name of Molly and Molly have gave you a beautiful black ring with your name as you smiled and Molly smashed her lips with your own. Dolly felt really miserable and ran back home and cried so hard and screamed out your name.


Mary Shaw:

Mary Shaw felt very sad without you as she missed your wonderful voice and even your kind lips. She thought of ripping another victim as she noticed you by yourself and she felt sad. She missed you so much as she want you back with her.


Annabelle feels so miserable without you in her life. She takes a look at a picture which is of you and her smiling but after what she did to you she didn't mean it. She started crying when she thought about you in her dreams as you are now alone with school. She cried as she clearly missed you and want you back so bad.

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