When You/They Want A Pet

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Brahms Heelshire:

Brahms doesn't want a pet because he's shy and he doesn't like animals which you understand and let him be in the manor with you.

Pyramid Head:

You are now walking back a German shepherd with brown fur and brown eyes as Pyramid Head pets it as the dog lick his hand. You name the German shepherd Derek.


You brought home a kitten as CandyMan noticed and you smile as the kitten mews and you pet it as you name the kitten Sean as the kitty meows at the name as he have green eyes and black fur.


SweetTooth doesn't want a pet as you begin to groan and got out a cute kitten and you name her Sparkles because of her white fur and blue eyes. You have to hide the kitten from SweetTooth because he will kill anything.


Foxy sees you with a pet fox as he smiled and pet it. You named the pet fox Ash since if have orange fur with brown eyes

Tex Sawyer:

Tex begin to see a Golden Retriever as it is a girl with gold fur and beautiful hazel eyes as you smile and named her Heather as she barks excitedly and nuzzles into you.

Bo and Vincent Sinclair:

Both girlfriends came and hears some barking and see their dog with white fur and black spots. Bo pets the dog along with Vincent as the dog circles around them as he's excited to see them.

"Aww!!" Bo's girlfriend said

"This is our beloved dog Scott." Bo said

Vincent smiled as he see his girlfriend petting the dog as Scott barked. They both love their dog so much.

Polite Leader:

Polite Leader got a pet which is a Maltese as the dog barks cutely as it is a puppy with white fur and brown eyes. You smiled as he named the dog Adam as he barks cutely and nuzzle into you.

Harry Warden:

You got a cute pet rabbit as it have white fur and red eyes as Harry noticed the rabbit and softly pet it as he wanted to keep it. You named the rabbit Paula since it is a girl.

Lucas Baker:

Lucas sees you as you brought in an abused husky with gray fur and blue eyes. Lucas growled at the owner who abused the dog and want to protect it as you name the dog Chester as he barks with excitement.


You got a black puppy as the puppy barks scared as it is a girl puppy and noticed Creeper as you pet her softly as she barks scared. Creeper looks at you and smile softly at the dog as he named her Laila.


Bendy doesn't want a pet since he's a demon which you understand and you begin to cuddle with him at night.


You got a pet which is a cute puppy with black fur and gray eyes and you name the puppy Damien as the puppy barks cutely cause he likes that name

Marguerite Baker:

Marguerite is happy that you got a tarantula with orange fur and it's harmless and you name the tarantula Pete as the tarantula crawls on your shoulder as Marguerite laughed crazily.

"This tarantula will be ours!" Marguerite said

"Hehe looks like you are so excited with bugs." You laughed

Mary Shaw:

Mary Shaw doesn't want a pet which you understand as she doesn't want them to spoil the puppets she have. You decided to not have a pet with her.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger got herself a puppy with white fur and black spots and you name the puppy Michael as Michael barks with happiness while wagging his tail cutely.

Jennifer Check:

You are now outside with Jennifer as she got a beautiful pet boa constrictor which is small and the boa is a girl with green scaly skin and golden eyes as you naked the Boa constrictor Lisa.

Tiffany Ray:

Tiffany got a blue tarantula as it is non venomous and it is a boy tarantula and you named the tarantula Brett as the tarantula crawled on your back.

Pamela Voorhees:

Pamela found a cute pet Shih tzu with black and white fur with blue eyes as you smiled and named the dog Frankie as Frankie barks happily and smile at you.


Dolly got a pet ball python as you smile as the python shyly hiss as Dolly smiled and let you keep it. You named the python Rev as it have black scaly skin with red eyes.


Annabelle sees that you brought a cute kitten with black fur and silver eyes and she named it Louis as he meows cutely and purrs at her as you pet the kitten

Angela Baker:

Angela found a beautiful bird which is a parakeet and it have blue feathers with a hint of yellow and red. You decided to name the parakeet John as Angela also liked the name.

Aleera, Marishka and Verona:

You are now at the castle until you hear some cute mews as that's when you see a cute black bunny with red eyes as you smiled as Verona, Marishka and Aleera see the pet and begin to let you keep it. You named the pet bunny Darkness.

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