Tiffany Ray Lemon

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(A/N: Prepare for all you Bride Of Chucky fans because good ole Tiffany is going to be with you!! By the way, the pic is her human form so I'll let her be human. Get some tissues for a nosebleed coming up and this character is picked by Chris-Narwhal and DarkThornBloodyLove. Hope everyone enjoys this chapter!!)

You have been dating Tiffany for a few months and she loves you very much. From the time she met you, she was your protector due to your abusive life and she helped you clean up the bruises on your skin and fix your broken heart with love. She always make sure that you're safe and never let you down. You are now in an old cabin which is far away because Tiffany doesn't want to see you abused by your mom and she begin to massage your shoulders as you moan with relaxation.

"Is that all better sweet face?" Tiffany asked

"Yes. Ooh that massage made me feel so relaxed." You said

"Anything for my beautiful princess." Tiffany said

Tiffany is finish with the massage and begin to kiss your neck as you moan softly as she smirked.

"You know sweetface, we haven't have our special time together and I want it now." Tiffany whispered in a seductive manner

You blush 50 shades of pink as Tiffany kiss your lips as you then kiss back. She danced your tongue as you slowly melted into the heated kiss. She then goes onto your neck, looking for your sweet spot.

"Mmh~." You moaned

Once Tiffany find the sweet spot, she abused it and begin take off your clothes and even your bra and grope both of your chests. You moaned softly as Tiffany went to pull both buds with her fingers as you moaned as she pulled them gently and twist them. She then touch your curves and pull down your panties and smirk.

"My princess is getting wet for me~." Tiffany smirked

"S-Shut up!" You blushed

Tiffany smirked and rub your core as you moan softly as she keep on doing it.

"That's right~~ moan for me. I wanna hear it." Tiffany smirked

You moan more as she stopped and strip off her clothes, showing her busty chest and you blush as she take off her panties and bra. She came on top of you and she smirk.

"Let's do a position together." Tiffany said

You blushed as Tiffany put her core as you latch onto it as Tiffany did the same to your core as well. Being in this position made you feel needy for Tiffany as you both started moaning while licking as you felt her licking deeper. You lick deeper as she started moaning and licking more until you felt her release as you lick it up as Tiffany did the same. She then pull away and take out a two connected dildo and she put the tip into you as she entered the other tip. Pain seeps through your body as Tiffany wipe the tears and kisses your cheek and bruises to help you ignore the pain. You then started to thrust along with Tiffany as you both moan together.

"Ahh sweet face~~." Tiffany moaned

"Ahh Tiff!! Mmh tiff yes!" You moaned

Tiffany went faster as you did the same and you both moan even louder as the bed squeaks and shakes with ease. You gasped and moan with pleasure as Tiffany hit your G-spot with dead aim.

"Ahh right there!!" You moaned

Tiffany keeps going harder as she stopped which make you whine, wanting her to continue as she take out the toy and put your core and scissor you so quick as you moan loudly with pleasure.

"YES TIFFANY!!" You moaned

Tiffany moans loudly as she went harder and that's when she release as you did the same, feeling the juices flowing and staining on the bedsheets. She lay on top of you and kiss your neck, cheek and lips with passion as you cuddle her. Chucky came inside and notice you naked and he smirk as you blush.

"Having some action huh Tiff?" Chucky smirked

"Y/N, would you excuse me for a moment?" Tiffany asked

You nodded while blushing as Tiffany brings Chucky outside and started to beat him up.

"Take that you perverted fuck!! Don't you dare come near me or my princess again you got it?!" Tiffany yelled

Chucky screamed with pain as Tiffany slashed Chucky with her knife on the cheek as she went back inside and pull the covers up. You both then fall asleep together.

Tiffany: That's a good one

Jason: *laughs* Chucky got beaten by his ex wife!

Michael, Pinhead, Pyramid Head, SweetTooth, CandyMan and Jack Torrance: *laughs*

Chucky: *groans in pain* Ow! The bitch

Annabelle: Let that be a lesson to the pervs

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Bo Sinclair: Have a wonderful time!

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