Annabelle's Wedding

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(A/N: In honor of the Annabelle movie that just came out, this wedding is for her! This character is picked by itsjustgiana78 and @23StellaOrgana. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!)

You are so happy to marry the love of your life Annabelle and you feel so happy. Annabelle had made you feel very happy and even gave you so much love and respect as you got on your dress. You begin to walk down the aisle as Esther started playing her violin as CandyMan played his harp.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see Annabelle and Y/N L/N in matrimony." Regan MacNeil said

After when Annabelle and you said the vows, Regan allowed you to kiss as every killer cheered and even your parents. You begin to dance with Annabelle as she's in her human form and begin to dance with you while your mom record you dancing. You smiled and continue dancing with her as she hugged you close. You then have some cake with her as Kayako let out a smile as she patted your back as a way to say congrats as you have the best wedding ever.

Annabelle: Great job!!

Me: I've got a few more left

Angela: Ooh who do we have

Me: I got:

•Harry Warden
•Angela Baker
Dracula's Brides Aleera, Marishka and Verona

Aleera: That's interesting

Verona: Tata to the readers of Wattpad

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