CandyMan Prom Special

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(A/N: If any of you are a fan of the classic horror film CandyMan, then prepare to have a prom with him! This is the prom dress you're wearing.)

You have got on your dress as you are excited for prom with Candyman as you got on your heels and put on some makeup. You then see CandyMan with his tux and you smile as he brought you over to the prom at night. It's shined a few colorful lights as you begin to dance with him to some classical songs as he begin to dance with you. Some of the students awed at the relationship as others begin to record it.

"This is the best prom ever." You smiled

CandyMan chuckled as he continues to dance with you and even twirl you around. After a wonderful time at prom, you then went back home and put on your pajamas and begin to fall asleep with CandyMan.

CandyMan: Great job!!

Me: Hehe thank you

Aleera: We got two more girls to go

Me: Agreed

Marguerite: Hope everyone enjoys this chapter

Angela: Bye bye followers

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