Creeper's Wedding

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(A/N: Prepare to have a wedding with the Creeper.. or are you? Hehehe this character is picked by both HorrorQueenOfFear and AmyDunbar2. Everyone please enjoy this chapter and prepare for the shocking twist of this wedding! It will make you blow your mind and jaw dropped.)

You are so happy to marry your true love Creeper as you begin to put on a beautiful line green dress with some heels on your feet. You started to take a few deep breaths as Angela became the flower girl as she got on a blue dress with some lime green heels on her feet.

"I'm so happy that you are being married!" Angela smiled

"I'm so happy that you are going to be a flower girl." You giggled

Angela gave you a playful punch to the shoulder and you let out a few giggles as she also helped you with your makeup. At the church which is an abandoned church, the guys got on some lime green tuxedos with a hint of blue along with some shoes as the ladies got on some beautiful green and blue dresses with heels as some wore flats. CandyMan started to play the harp as Aleera plays the viola, Regan plays the flute and Verona plays the violin. You begin to walk down the aisle as every killer smiled at you including your parents who feel very happy as Pinhead begin to speak.

"Friends and even family, we are gathered here to see Creeper with Y/N L/N in matrimony. They have come through a long way through relationships and struggle with the tough times especially when Creeper eats human meat." Pinhead chuckled

Creeper chuckled at Pinhead for making that silly thing as he begin to say his vows.

"Oh Y/N, you are so beautiful like a fallen angel coming through me. You have the most beautiful smile in the world that makes me happy. I will treat you like a princess and hopefully don't eat you up." Creeper said

You giggled and begin to say your vows to Creeper as he let out a smile on his face as Toshio snickered with his hand over his mouth.

"Do you Creeper, take Y/N to be your wife?" Pinhead asked

"I do Pinhead." Creeper said

"Do you Y/N, take Creeper to be your husband?" Pinhead asked

Before you are about to say I do, a voice is heard.

"Oh Y/N.~~ I want to have some fun with you!" A voice said

You gasped as you saw the man who is 35 years with lust in his psychotic and possessive eyes. Kayako made an angry death rattle as she knows that it is Takeo Saeki, the husband responsible for killing her, her son Toshio and even the pet cat Mar. Creeper came to you close as Takeo came close and touch your hair and curves.

"Leave Takeo!" Creeper growled

"Aww come on~~ can't I play with my sweetheart?! She's MINE!" Takeo said with possessiveness


Takeo got lust in his possessive eyes and put his fingers up the dress and smirk with evilness.

"I like your dress~~ but I like to have fun with what's underneath~." Takeo said with a smirk

You felt scared that Takeo will try to do harmful things to you or even worse, kill you. Kayako felt angry as she made a pissed off death rattle as she crawled fast to Takeo as Toshio wrapped his hands around his father's throat, choking him as Takeo tried to breathe.

"Y-You son... W-What *gasp* are you doing?!!" Takeo said while choking

Toshio gripped the throat tighter than before as Kayako took out a box cutter, the same weapon that Takeo slashed her with. Kayako stabbed her ex husband with the box cutter in the heart, head and even the eyes as the female killers cheer.

"Go Kayako!!!" Tiffany cheered

"Get some vengeance Toshio! Keep choking that pathetic excuse for a father!" Lucas cheered

Kayako keeps stabbing Takeo over and over again as Takeo slowly dies not only from lack of oxygen from the chokehold, but also from the blood loss. You shake as Creeper hold you in a protective way as you then say the I do. You kiss Creeper as Pyramid Head disposed Takeo's dead body. At the party, Creeper begin to dance with you to many Halloween songs including Thriller by Michael Jackson, Dragula by Rob Zombie and even Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. You then both share a piece of cake with macaroons for dessert as you have the best wedding as Creeper doesn't want to ruin the moment.


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