Angela Baker's Wedding

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(A/N: Who's ready for a wedding with the transgender villainess? This character is picked by AngelysBayon. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!)

You are so happy to marry the love of your life Angela Baker. Ever since you are at the Sleepaway Camp with her, you begin to protect Angela as she did the same thing as well. She always keep you close and you respect her for being a transgender because she told you what gender she really have. You already got on your dress as you are at the park at night as Annabelle became the flower girl in her doll form which you don't mind as your dad smiled at you. You begin to walk down the aisle as Angela begin to smile and you take her hand and smile at her.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see Y/N L/N and Angela Baker in matrimony. They both have a wonderful relationship together and they have struggled through the tough times together. They will now say their vows to one another." Jigsaw said

Angela begin to say her vows about you as you begin to smile at her and say the vows back. After when you are finish, Jigsaw allowed you to kiss Angela as you begin to feel happy with her while kissing. You begin to dance with Angela to multiple songs including Jump On It, Born This Way and even 24k Magic as you smiled softly. Angela kissed your lips as you kissed back as you have the nicest wedding ever.

Pamela, Jason, Polite Leader, Esther, Carrie and Regan: Aww

Angela: I like it

Me: Just two more characters left. It's:

•Alice The Angel

Creeper: Also be prepared for a character

Me: Hehe still not telling Creeper my comrade.

Freddy: Ooh can't wait

Me: Also if any of you can give me a theme for Alice The Angel that will be great. Bye bye readers

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