When You/They Are Caught Twerking

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Brahms Heelshire:

You are now twerking to the song Low by Flo Rida and Brahms Heelshire came over and blush underneath his mask as he sees you twerking to the song. You stopped as he blush more.

"What are you doing my nanny?" Brahms asked

"Twerking." You said while blushing

Brahms blushed and told you not to do that again. You blush and nodded as it made him uncomfortable.

Pyramid Head:

You are now twerking to the song Red Nose as Pyramid Head begin to check and notice you twerking and started to have a boner while seeing you twerk. He smirked more as you blush with embarrassment and call him a pervert.


You told SweetTooth no twerking as he doesn't listen and started twerking to the song Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO as you groaned and back away from him.

Polite Leader:

While Polite Leader left to do some purging, you started to twerk to the song Big Butts by Sir Mix-A-Lot and you begin to twerk more as a few male masked members notice and record the video of you twerking as you didn't know that it was Polite Leader's group. You growled and take out the machete and tell them to leave as they ran off with the video.


CandyMan heard the song Get Low and that's when he saw you twerking on the wall as he grabbed you with his hook and nodded no as he doesn't like to see you twerk.

Bo and Vincent Sinclair:

Both Bo and Vincent Sinclair heard the song Pop That by French Montana featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross and they both follow the sound which leads them to the living room and that's when they see their girlfriends twerking. Vincent blushed in a deep shade of red as Bo smirked and take out his phone to record his girlfriend twerking.

"Shake that ass girl." Bo smirked

Vincent's girlfriend blushed as Bo's girlfriend did the same as they both chase Bo who got the whole twerking video on his phone. Vincent continued to blush with embarrassment that his girlfriend would do that.

Lucas Baker:

You are now twerking to the song Anaconda by Nikki Minaj as Lucas is busy making the traps. You then notice Jack Baker with a grin and you turn around and blush red.

"Aww come on. Just wanna see you shake that booty." Jack said

"Pervert! Go away!" You blushed

Lucas laughed at his dad for catching you twerking.


Foxy is now looking around for you as you are twerking in the office and that's when Foxy blushed at you twerking as you also did the same. He told you not to twerk again after that encounter.


Creeper is curious to know what twerking is and that's when he put a song called Red Nose by Sage The Gemini and that's when he saw SweetTooth snickering.

"Nice ass Creeper." SweetTooth smirked

Creeper growled and tell SweetTooth to leave him alone.


Bendy is curious about twerking as he begin to twerk to Don't Drop That Thun Thun by Finatticz. Sammy Lawerence came and begin to snicker at Bendy twerking and record it.

"Oh wait till Y/N sees this." Sammy whispered

Bendy continued to twerk and that's when he sees Sammy and blush red with his cellphone.

"W-What are you doing?" Bendy asked

Sammy left as Bendy growls demonically and chase Sammy for recording him twerking.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

You are now twerking in dance class as Ginger came over and smirk at your twerking skills as she records it on her phone. You blushed red as she snickered.

"Gotcha!" Ginger said

You growled as you tried to get Ginger's phone as she laughed and you chased her.

Pamela Voorhees:

You are now with the other counselors as Pamela is out killing as one of the counselors smirked and dare you to twerk. You groaned as you got up and started twerking to the song Pop That as many of the male counselors cheered as Pamela turned off the music and glared at you.

"Y/N dear, who taught you that stuff?" Pamela asked

"They dared me to do it." You said

Pamela made a few tsk and killed the other male counselors and tell you to never twerk again.

Angela Baker:

Angela is in her cabin at the camp and begin to find some music and that's when the song Red Nose by Sage The Gemini came on and she begin to twerk as you came inside and see her twerking and snicker.

"Angela what are you doing?" You snickered

Angela blushed and she looked at you while blushing redder.

"Just t-twerking." Angela said

You giggled and begin to take out a cellphone that you have as she tries to grab your phone as you laughed as she grinned and tickle you which made you laugh as you dropped as Angela got the phone and delete it.

Annabelle and Dolly:

Both Annabelle and Dolly are twerking to the song Whistle While You Twurk by the Ying Yang Twins as their girlfriends came back from shopping and that's when they giggle as Dolly and Annabelle blush in a deep shade of red that they are caught.

Mary Shaw:

You are now twerking to the song Low by Flo Rida as Mary Shaw heard some music and came over and stopped you from twerking, telling that it's not classy.

Tiffany Ray:

Tiffany is now twerking to the song Get Low by Lil Jon and The East Side Boys as you came with bruises from your abusive mom as you blush to see her twerking. She stopped and you blush deeper until Tiffany came over and kiss your lips softly as you tell her to make her feel better.

Aleera, Marishka, and Verona:

While the brides are hunting for blood at night, you felt bored and started to twerk to the song Play by David Banner. While you are twerking, a werewolf is behind you and is close to biting you until Dracula grabbed you by his foot in his bat form and pull you away. Looks like the werewolf caught you twerking.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer is now twerking to the song Wop by J Dash as you blush red as you see her doing that and blush red as Jennifer smirked and came over to you twerking as you blush deeper.

Marguerite Baker:

You are now twerking to the song Get Low by DJ Snake and you continue to twerk more as you felt something crawling on your shoulder as you see your pet tarantula Pete and Pete shake his spider butt as he tried to twerk as you snickered softly.


Alice is now all alone at the recoding studio as she went to the dance room and started to twerk to the song Panoramic by Sage The Gemini as Bendy came and notice her twerking and recording the video on his phone. She started blushing as Bendy laughs.

"Oh wait till your girlfriend sees." Bendy said

Bendy left as Alice begin to chase bendy with the phone.

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