When They Take A Bath Together

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Brahms Heelshire:

You are now in the tub with Brahms as he gave you some vanilla flavored soap as you begin to scrub his body and he even cuddles with you at times as you smiled at him. He even give you a nice massage on your back as you have a nice relaxing bath with him.

Pyramid Head:

Pyramid Head tried to grope your chest as you smack his hand away as he begged you to touch them as you call him a pervert. This is not an innocent bath with your lover Pyramid Head.


Taking a bath with a killer clown is not that innocent because SweetTooth touch your chest and even went down to your core as he wanted another round with you.

"Pervert!" You said

"I am your pervert~~." SweetTooth grinned

"This is not the bath time I wanted with you." You said


CandyMan is now in the tub with you as his fur coat is off as he gave you some honey scented soap as you smile softly as he begin to massage your shoulder with his right hand and even talked about the wonderful things about you. You love the bath time he gave you.

Polite Leader:

Polite Leader gave you a nice bath with some fresh fruits in hand as you both share it together and he begin to cuddle with you at night as you have a wonderful time with him.

Tex Sawyer:

Tex give you a massage on your neck since you felt tense from your cooking job as you sighed as he continues while being in the bathtub with you. You smiled as he gave you a chocolate covered strawberry as you smile and ate it, knowing that you have a nice bath with him.

Harry Warden:

You are now with Harry in a rose bathtub as he poured some cherry blossom soap on your body as he relaxed your legs and arms. He even become a little playful and splashed you at some occasions. You have the nice time with Harry.

Bo Sinclair:

Bo understand that you are stressed from your hotel job as he told your boss that you wanted a day off as the boss agreed as Bo gave you a nice bath with tropical flavored soap and he kisses your lips while massaging your shoulders as you felt relaxed and calm. He cuddles with you as you have a nice relaxing bath with him.

Vincent Sinclair:

Vincent is now in the tub with you and you hear some opera music while he scrubbed your body while squeaking a rubber ducky as you giggled at him. He loves to cuddle with you and even give you some fresh fruit as you have a nice relaxing bath.


Creeper gave you a blood bath as you felt a tiny bit uncomfortable with this as he tells you that he love to bathe in a bloodbath with organs which get you pretty disgusted as you left the tub which leave Creeper all alone.

Lucas Baker:

Lucas is now in the tub as you smell some scented candles as he want to make the bath more relaxing. He put some calm music and begin to rub your stomach, your back and even put an 'X' on your heart with his fingers as you smiled at him for a nice bath.


Bendy is now giving you a relaxing bath as you sigh with relaxation as he massaged your lower back and even your shoulder blades. You felt more relaxed as he begin to kiss your nose as you love the bath he gave you.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer wanted to give you a nice bath so she put some red and black candles, F/C flowers and even some calm music as you are in the tub with her and she begin to kiss your lips and you kiss back and have a make out session with her and cuddle with her for the rest of the night.

Mary Shaw:

Mary Shaw gave you a relaxing bath with bath salts in lavender with some classical music as you begin to feel relaxed as she begin to kiss your cheek and cuddle with you in the tub.

Pamela Voorhees:

Pamela is now in the tub with you as she begin to cuddle with you all day and even talk to you about the victims she killed for haven't watching her son Jason. You understand the grief that she's in and she then kisses your nose as you giggled as you have a calm bath.

Tiffany Ray:

Your mom abused you to the point where you got two black eyes and other bruises. Thinking about your dad make you sad as Tiffany gave you a nice bath with some cherry blossomed soap, some white chocolate covered pretzels, and some fruits. You begin to have a bath with her as she kisses the bruises and cuddle with you all night to make you feel better in the tub.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger is now in the tub with you as you got your gothic style bathtub and she begin to rub your back and kiss your cheek, lips and neck as you giggled softly. Ginger smiled and tell you about lycanthropes as you smiled and listen to the history which doesn't bother you at all.


Dolly makes a satanic bathtub as you stepped inside as Dolly begin to turn into her human form and begin to make playful splashes with you as you giggled and splashes her back. You continue to act as children as you squeaked with a rubber ducky as Dolly giggled and join in the fun. You have a fun bath with her.


Annabelle is now in the tub with you as you got some orange flavored soap as she scrubbed the soap on your body as the fragrance hit your nose as you relaxed as Annabelle did the same thing. You then cuddle with her for the whole time in the bath.


Alice is now with you in the bathtub as you smiled and put on the song Crawling by Linkin Park with pictures of the group as Alice understands why. You love the group and heard about the lead singer's death as Alice tells you that Chester will always be forever in your heart while cuddling.

Marguerite Baker:

Marguerite is now in the bath with you as you are fine as Marguerite take out a loofa and scrubbed your body including your face, shoulders, arms, legs and even your back. You giggled and tell her that she needed a bath as well and playfully splash her as she chuckles and have a little water fight with her for fun. At least she doesn't spit out bugs in the tub.

Angela Baker:

With the lights off and the candles on, Angela is in the tub with you and she begin to massage your back as you sigh with happiness.

"You're feeling tense from that martial arts." Angela said

"Mm feels so relaxed." You said

Angela giggled and tickled you as you laughed as you feel ticklish as you also tickle Angela as she also laughed. You then smile at her and she begin to tell you about the time she came to school with you and even mentioning the class you have.

Aleera, Marishka and Verona:

You are now having a romantic bath with the brides as you got blood flavored soap as Marishka massaged your back, Aleera scrubbed your face and Verona gave you some fresh fruit. You have a nice and relaxing bath with them.

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