Break Up

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Brahms Heelshire, Polite Leader, Vincent Sinclair and CandyMan:

Not gonna happen cause they're innocent.

Pyramid Head:

You are arguing with Pyramid Head after when you told him about the making out with the bubble headed nurses. You told him that you love him and he felt really angry and slap your face and slash your cheek as you whimper with pain.

"We are done!!" Pyramid Head said

He kicked you out of Silent Hill as you feel heartbroken and you went back home


You are now going to the haunted attraction as you begin to look around and notice a note on the floor with an ice cream cone on it. You pick up the note and it reads:

"To Y/N,

I think we can be separate in this cold yet killing relationship. You are a girl who I've been watching you  for a while and you are very cute. I don't think we can be together.

Sincerely yours,

You felt your heart broken as you went to another haunted attractions while crying.

Tex Sawyer:

Tex Sawyer is stressed as he begin to try to find his victims as he take out his phone and leave a voicemail out in anger.

"WE ARE DONE!!" Tex Sawyer said

You are now at your job as you notice a voicemail from Tex and you begin to listen to it. You felt your heart torn apart as you started crying as your assistant chef notice you crying and tell you to go home and rest as you leave feeling heartbroken.

Bo Sinclair:

You are now at the mechanic place and Bo Sinclair begin to come over to you and you look at him.

"Yes Bo?" You asked

"Y/N I think we should see other people. I mean I can't be in a relationship with you anymore." Bo said

You started to feel sad and walked out of the mechanic as you went back to the hotel as the manager knows that something is wrong and you told the manager about the relationship which made her feel sorry for you. She allows you to give you a few weeks off as you cried in the hotel room.

Jennifer Check:

You are now arguing with Jennifer after what you saw and she begin to feel a bit angry and she came over to you.

"Wow you're such a player hater! All you care about is our relationship and you became a horrible person! Guess what? We are through!" Jennifer said

You feel so upset as you leave the high school with a sad look on your face.


You begin to argue with Dolly about what you saw at the park as she tried to explain but you continue to yell. She then got mad into her angry face and she slashed your Achilles heal as you screamed in pain as she look at you.

"WE ARE DONE!! GOODBYE!" Dolly said

Dolly ran out as you felt in so much pain as you cried so hard.


You begin to watch your favorite show as you then see a message on the wall which reads:


Curious you went to your room and notice a note on the bed and you begin to take a look and it reads:


I don't think this relationship would work. You are a very beautiful girl and you need to understand that the guy that you saw me kissing is my victim. I don't think we can be together because of this. Sorry Y/N.

Your ex lover,

You felt sad as you begin to cry on the bed with tears streaming down your face.

Mary Shaw:

You are now with Mary Shaw as you begin to have a argument about her kissing the person as she tried to explain that it is a victim but she then grabbed you by the neck and growls at you.

"WE ARE FINISHED!" Mary Shaw growl

You begin to feel heartbroken and begin to leave the puppet show and cry some more.

Ginger Fitzgerald, Pamela Voorhees, and Tiffany Ray:

They would never break up with you. They are innocent.

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