When They See You Bullied

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Brahms Heelshire:

You got bullied online as many people called you a slut, a bitch and even a whore. Brahms came over and notice that your computer is filled with hated messages about you. He then came over and take the laptop as Brahms begin to wrote a message to the bullies as you helped him and he begin to wait in the shadows. The bullies came as Brahms got out of the shower and bashed the bullies into a bloody pulp. He took care of those bullies for you.

Pyramid Head:

Pyramid Head growled as you told him that a group of popular girls have bullied you as he told you to lure them here and he will get his other friends. You did exactly what he said as the girls are curious until the alarm went off. Multiple monsters came including Pyramid Head himself. The girls screamed as you observe as they are killed by the monsters and Pyramid Head. You thanked him as he take care of the bullies.

Polite Leader:

Anytime if Polite Leader sees you bullied by anyone, he kills them or allow his group to kill them for you. He will always love you and protect you from being bullied.

Tex Sawyer:

"THEY DID WHAT?!!" Tex growled

You told Tex that a few people have given you a black eye and even calling you nasty as he growled and get his knife including his brother LeatherFace to join in to help. You begin to cook some tacos as they came back moments later with blood coated as Tex kiss your lips as you gave him a taco.

"They are taken care of." Tex said

Bo and Vincent Sinclair:

Bo and Vincent Sinclair growled as their girlfriends are being bullied physically by other people. Vincent got out his knife but Bo stopped him for a more different approach. He came over and begin to charm the popular boys and girls as they got lured into the mechanic shop as Vincent notice the girls into the House Of Wax museum. Vincent begin to knock out the girls and begin to turn them into wax figures as Bo tortures the boys until they died. Both Sinclair brothers took care of the bullies.


SweetTooth felt angry as you got cuts and bruises on your face and body as you tell them that boys have been bullying you and he begin to take out his machete and leave. Moments later, he came back with blood and he came over.

"They won't ever bully you again." SweetTooth said


When CandyMan notice the bruises on your body, he begin to growl as you tell them a few popular girls have bullied them.

"I'll take care of them my queen." CandyMan said

He begin to disappear. Moments later, you saw the news that the girls are being stung by killer bees to death as CandyMan begin to chuckle with delight. No one ever bullied you again.

Harry Warden:

You are now being chased by bullies in the mine as they tackle you down and kick you as you are crying with agonizing pain. Harry Warden heard the screams and notice that you are being bullied. He came over with his pickaxe and jabbed them hard and plunge the pickaxe through the chest and pull out the hearts of each bully. He then take care of the bruises and hold you in a protective manner.

Mary Shaw:

Mary Shaw growled with anger as she disappeared because you told her that a few girls have bullied you and called you a whore. She then came back with their tongues and place them on the rest of the tongues of the victims she ripped out. She hugged you close as she took care of the popular girls who bullied

Jennifer Check:

You are now being taunted by a few high school boys as they called you fat, unattractive and even ugly which made you very hurt. Jennifer noticed that you are hurt and she begin to use her seductive ways to lead the boys into the woods. Moments later you heard them scream as Jennifer came back with blood on her lips and she kissed you.

"I took care of them for you." Jennifer said

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger quickly turn into her lycanthrope form and she growled with anger that she begin to rush out of the woods and into town and mutilate the bullies into a bloody mess. She take care of those heartless bullies for you.

Angela Baker:

You are hissing in pain as a few female campers begin to beat you up and throw some water balloons at you. They then call you a slut, a whore, a bitch and even ugly as you started to cry. Angela overheard this and she begin to think of a torture method for them. As you are in the cabin, you notice that Angela came back with heads of the girls that bully you and the teeth that she pulled out. She puts them into a necklace and place it around your neck as she doesn't want to see you bullied anymore.


Annabelle growled as she leaves to find those bullies who tortures you by calling mean and nasty names. She then came back with blood coating on her dress. You then see the news with the girls who bullied you with their throats slit open and guts coming out of their stomachs. You begin to smile as she take care of those bullies for you.


Dolly goes into her demon form as she is enraged that the high school girls beat you up and even call you a satanist. She ran out of the door and she begin to come back with blood on her dress and heads of the girls and gave them to you. She then cuddles you as she will kill the bullies who torment you.

Pamela Voorhees:

If anyone bullies you, Pamela will kill them with her machete or other weapons she will find.

Tiffany Ray:

Tiffany noticed that the bullies have beaten you which cause you to have a swollen cheek, a black eye and even a bloody nose which gets her extremely pissed off. She grabbed her knife and leave your room as your mother begin to drink vodka as she doesn't even care. She then came back with blood on her white dress and she came into your room.

"Sweet face I took care of those sluts. No one will ever harm you again." Tiffany said

You begin to hold her close as she comforts you that no one will ever bully you.

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